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Topic: Tom's AeroPress notes and an inference challenge (5 msgs / 83 lines)
1) From: Scott Marquardt
"Steep 10 seconds, stir 10 seconds, then plunge for 10-20 seconds." (195
degree water)
It's interesting what a guy can learn from such a simple phrase.
In my experience, rather, it's this. Read carefully:
"Stir 10 seconds, steep 10 seconds, then plunge for 20-30 seconds." (180
degree water)
Let's see what opinions there are on why both very different instructions
work equally well. Hint: there's an unmentioned variable.

2) From: Bill Morgan
My first guess would be difference in grind.
I'll know more in just 24 hours; my Aeropress is scheduled to arrive tomorr=
On 2/12/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

3) From: Scott Marquardt
Forgot to note: Tom, your gentle lampooning of the AeroPress parts count (b=
mentioning several things that don't come with it) was a stroke of genius.

4) From: Lissa
On Sun, 2006-02-12 at 19:57 -0600, Scott Marquardt wrote:
Grind. How long the plunge takes depends very much on grind.
The first time I used the Aeropress, I ground slightly finer than I
would for auto-drip. This was a very bad idea. Now, I go FP to a bit
courser than auto-drip, and it works better.
Despite this, it seems to be fairly forgiving. I steep 10 seconds, stir
10 seconds, rinse off the stirer, cross the kitchen to dry my hands,
then plunge.
Be well,
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5) From: Scott Marquardt
Yes, you're right. Grind.
Note the reversal of steep and stir in our respective situations. You and
Tom can steep first because you actually get full wetting of the grind.
Since I'm to the left of Drip, though, I have to stir first (otherwise I ge=
terrible wetting), and my extraction is about 10 seconds longer for a doubl=
-- so I need a cooler temperature to avoid over extraction.
The advantage of your and Tom's coarser grind is a hotter final cup. That
advantage disappears if one simply adds very hot water to the extraction,
but I'll give the coarser grind a shot and see what that does to flavor

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