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1) From: Peter Zulkowski
It is time for me to be roasting coffee for our annual trip to Mexico.
Each year we have been going to Rocky Point to build a house for the 
poor people who can barely get by.
The poor are really poor there.
Charlotte cooks for our team, and I help her, and make the coffee.
For the 35 people who travel there for our church group, we also need 2 
more assistant cooks.
We do eat well :)
We are leaving Thursday morning, so it is a bit late to be roasting for 
the trip, but it will be better than F***grs.
Four batches is what I planned to do, easy stuff for my PGR.
When the first roast finished, the Turbo Oven would not start for the 
second roast!
mutter mutter etc.
so I went back into the garage to grab another GG from my stash.
Second batch on it's way!
While it is roasting, I get a LARGE screw driver and rip the top from 
the dead one.. grrrrrrr.
Inside I find lots, and I mean lots, of ground up chaff. Looked like 
under my belt sander after I sand some wood.
Quickly I by - passed the micro switch handle interlock.
That was it! The micro switch just died...
Also checked the timer connections... they were about to come apart 
also. The wires were burned where they connect!
Makes you wonder why the designers would use 18 ga wire to run a 1475W 
After by-passing the timer and micro switch, all is fine again.
Did the last 2 roasts with the top ripped off. (oh well, VGR is on it's way)
Ugly, but now I know that in the next version I need to make sure there 
is 12 ga wire running to the heating element.
The motor will be okay with 18, or maybe 16, but there will be no 
switches or timers on my new version. ( Maybe a PID)
Oh yes, I did 610 - 625 gr each of 4 different coffees from my stash.
Took a bit over an hour, with the break down of the roaster :(
This year I will label each kind and write up a little document about it.
Leave it by the coffee pot.
In case anyone is interested. 
Folks are asking to be sure that I am making the coffee again this year :)
Almost ready for Mexico, here in LHC.

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
What's a PGR?
On 2/13/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

3) From: Gerald and Beth Newsom
Have a great trip, Peter!!

4) From: Gary Bennett
On 2/14/06, Brian Kamnetz <> wrote:
I think it stands for Pretty Good Roaster.
Regards, Gary

5) From: Peter Zulkowski
Thanks Gary :)
Yes, it is a Pretty Good Roasterhttp://homeroasters.org/php/forum/viewforum.php?forum_id2Better one on the way :)
Everything is on hold 'till we return from Mexico, here in LHC
Gary Bennett wrote:

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