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1) From: Scot Murphy
On |Feb 15, at 7:01 PM|Feb 15, Vic DeAmelia wrote:
Man. And here I was all set to get rich. Well, to have more beer  
money, at any rate. ;)
Scot "maybe if I sold them separately but hyperlinked together..."  
"If we could climb the highest steeple,
and kill all those people not wholly good,
as we as noble shooters should,
why then there'd be an only question thus:
Who'd be left to bury us?"
                 --Walt Kelly

2) From: Aaron
But isn't that what corporate america is all about.  Take someone elses 
design, change it a little bit, say 10% or something soyou can call it 
'unique' and NOT stealing their patent, and remarketing it?  How many 
times has taiwan and india done this already as well.  India is real 
good at copy catting stuff, but as for originality,  hmmmmm...
Again, I am not a lawyer but can't he word it somehow and still market 
it.  As long as the intellectual part of the property is left on the 
items. ie westbend on the popper,  hose o rama on the coils, etc, he 
should be able to still sell it no?  He's not trying to claim the heater 
design is his just what he did with it.
that kind of sounds like a plastic company trying to sue ford because 
they are using their product to make a car... for isn't saying the 
plastic is theirs,  just the car made of it.

3) From: Gene Smith
Jah, mon!  Rastaman vibration yeah!  Positive...
Here's the thing...the law is not about common sense.  Legal arguments
about how things "ought to be" is like the Jamaican argument I mentioned
earlier about whether lightning is electricity or not.  You can wipe out a
lot of ganja...you can stay up all night long...you might even have a very
good time...but it ain't got nothing to do with the law, mon.
The person who posted the caveat *also* noted that this branch of law was
not their specialty.  Unless someone who *does* specialize in that
particular branch of the law weighs in, I wouldn't assume that just because
a lawyer said it, it must be true.  The fact that all sorts of madcap
coffee roasting rigs continue to be sold on ebay suggests that no one is
taking any action against them.
HOWEVER...If you wanted to try something like this...AND you are afraid
that you might get a cease and desist letter from Undertaker, Pallbearer
and Death, L.L.P. - by all means seek out a lawyer with expertise in this
area for an opinion.
Further to the lightning experiment, I think the likelihood of making more
than a few bucks selling a kluge like the SCTO (which I use and adore, by
the way) on ebay approaches zero as a limit.  Much as I love it, I think
most "normal" people would take one look and...well, one look is all they'd
take, is what I'm saying.
Gene Smith
who lives in the midst of hot-and-cold-running lawyers, in Houston

4) From: Randy Roy
Hi, I just picked up one of these at my local Salvation Army store for $4:http://s211.photobucket.com/albums/bb16/randyr55/DSC_4562.jpgNice Bodum Santos with all parts intact!   I got the instructions form 
the Bodum web site,  But any extra tips would be most appreciated, such 
as type of grind, etc. 
Plus, I will be using this on a gas stove.  Is a heat diffuser necessary 
to prevent breakage? 
Thanks,  Randy

5) From: Bailey Blanchette
I use a yama vac pot on my gas stove all the time without a diffuser, using
my small 'simmer' burner.  bigger burner is okay with low flame also. I
preheat the water before I put it into the vac pot to minimize time on ehte
stove.  See Tom's tip sheets for vac pots.
The diffuser is for electric coil elements to evenly distribute the heat.
Nice find!  Should make excellent coffee from your perfeclty roasted and
rested beans.
On 11/2/07, Randy Roy  wrote:

6) From: Barry Luterman
It looks good. First check that the rubber gasket is soft and pliable. If it 
is too hard you will get stalls. If hard soak in hot water than move to cold 
water and back to hot until it softens. Try running water through  the cycle 
without coffee. If no stalls and no air bubbles coming out from around 
gasket you are ready to move on to brewing.  Heat water in a separate pot 
(saves on strain on the glass). Grind coffee to somewhat between press pot 
and drip pot grind. Put in filter and attach spring clip to bottom of glass 
column. Fill bottom section with hot water to the line for 8 cups. Place on 
gas stove on a heat diffuser (some won't agree with using a heat diffuser. 
But in five years I have yet to lose a bottom pot). Allow the water to go 
north for 2 cups then stir (I use a wooden chopstick) the contents of the 
upper bowl, reduce the heat. Allow all the water to go north. Keep the pot 
on the heat for one more minute. Remove from heat. Place on a trivet and 
allow the coffee to come south 1 or 2 minutes. Remove top part and enjoy.

7) From: David
Picked up a Krups FME-4 this weekend for $3, checked
the water temp at the shower head using a styrofoam
cup and thermometer, got 198-201f. The stop and pour
feature is broken, needs a new spring, never use it
anyway.  Not a bad looking machine for $3.
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8) From: Treshell Jones
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On Nov 27, 2007, at 3:14 AM, David wrote:
Lets see, list is $125.00 minus your cost of $3.00 you saved  
$122.00.  Yea, you hit the good deal mark.
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On Nov 27, 2007, at =
3:14 AM, David wrote:

Krups FME-4

Lets = see, list is $125.00 minus your cost of $3.00 you saved $122.00.  Yea, = you hit the good deal mark.treshell = --Apple-Mail-3-992613332--

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