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Topic: Turbocharged Harvey = ruined green beans? (9 msgs / 294 lines)
1) From: B. Scott Harroff
Harvey just delivered an order (I think unfortunately for me) in record
breaking time.  Maria shipped Thursday afternoon and it got here (OHIO) on
Saturday when no one was home.  I wasn't expecting them and I didn't find
the beans until Sunday AM - so they have been outside in 5 degree F weather
all night.
Included in the batch is/was the Gethumbwini and Brasil Cerrado winners.
Would any experts please respond with the expected effects of going from
Harvey truck temp to 5 degrees, sitting overnight at 5 degrees and then back
to room temperature?

2) From: mIke mcKoffee
Don't know, just started a greens freezing experiment in home freezer vac
sealed greens a few weeks ago. I do know some commercial roasters have been
flash freezing greens to maintain freshness crop cycle to crop cycle with
reported good results but don't know the details of the methodology. 
I'd roast a batch and see how they are and go from there. If seem ruined
then contact SM and see if any recourse. 
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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3) From: Aaron
I dont see where it should ruin them.  Cardboard is a good insulator, 
and the beans in the middle of the box are well insulated by the outer 
beans.  A few hours at that cold hopefully didnt ruin them for you.
I can't really say for sure though, and the only way to know for sure 
will be to roast some and try some.  Good luck and hopefully you wont 
have a problem.

4) From: B. Scott Harroff
Thanks, Mike, I'll post to the list how they turn out when roasted.
Its not Sweet Marias fault - they had no way to know I wasn't going to be
there to receive the beans, and I wouldn't ask them for any form of
compensation no matter how the roasts turn out.
I would however suggest to those that are on the list in areas that can see
extreme cold to be cautious of Harvey arriving early or late and leaving
bean in less than ideal conditions.
I wonder if Harvey can "hold the beans" if someone isn't at the door to
receive them (ala UPS and FedEx).

5) From: Jim Sheets
I'm in NE Ohio and I know exactly what you mean about this extreme cold.
I've been roasting this morning with no intentions of leaving the house.
Last night he thermometer outside the kitchen window was reading 3 degrees
F.  Yuck!

6) From: B. Scott Harroff
Where abouts in NE Ohio?  I'm in Canton/North Canton.
I will be leaving the house though (heading up to Beachwood, over to
Twinsburg, and back to Canton).  If you are in route, I've been working on
tweaking my FrankenTop Roast profile and have way more 200 gram runs than
I'll be able to use over the next couple of weeks and would be happy to drop
some off.

7) From: Tom Ulmer
For less than $7/month you can rent a post office box that's big enough for
most letters and rolled up magazines. In most post offices they have
temporary lockers for larger packages (perfect size for the flat rate box SM
uses) that they will conveniently leave a key in your box for.
This will not help you with any other carrier than the USPS.

8) From: Aaron
It was written:
I wonder if Harvey can "hold the beans" if someone isn't at the door to
receive them (ala UPS and FedEx).
I don't think this would help any to be honest.  Holding them would 
simply mean they leave them in the truck parked overnight in their 
parking lot.... in the sub freezing temperatures.  Then have to drop 
them at your place to wait some more in the freezing temps.   In the 
long run, this would probably do more damage to the beans than good if 
the cold is detrimental to them.

9) From: Geary Lyons
Scott Wrote:
I'm in Canton/North Canton.
Hi Scott,
We visited your city week before last.  My daughter had her college
conference swim finals at the city schools natatorium. Very nice facility.
I lugged along beans, FP, hotpot and REI grinder.  Had great coffee every
morning to avoid the *$ concession in the hotel lobby operated by the desk
clerk ;-(!!
She very nicely explained to me that I did not need a $3000 "just push the
button" fully automated "cappuccino" machine, that I could make great
"cappuccino's" at home on a $75 espresso machine. Who da' thunk!!
Hope your greens survived the deep chill!!

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