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Topic: type of metal for drum roasting?? (6 msgs / 107 lines)
1) From: Ron Feroni
I know many of you pick  containers from various stores to use as drum 
roasters.  I was wondering about how food safe they are.  I was at target 
today and they had about 3 different types of containers that looked 
suitable for a drum but I'm not sure about how food safe they are.  They all 
said stainless steel, but I know there is many different grades of SS.  One 
of the containers said 18/8 as a grade.  Does anyone know if it even 
matters, or as long as its made of steel it will be ok??

2) From: Michael Wascher
I'd worry about paint or other coatings rather than the type stainless
steel. I'd do an empty roast, or maybe one using sharp edged gravel as a
load. Use this to burn & abrade the drum to make sure there is no coating.
Keep things well closed, gravel may crack under heat & you don't want to be
in the way when the hot pieces go flying. Or, get a bag of  volcanic rock
pieces sold for use in a gas grill (like the ones that came with the grill
if that's your heat source & you got it new).
On 2/20/06, Ron Feroni  wrote:
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3) From: Jason Molinari
i thikn a lot of silverware is made of 18/8 or 18/10,
that one should be foodsafe.
--- Ron Feroni  wrote:

4) From: Michael Wascher
Some utemsils/cookwear is made of xx/0, which you should probably avoid. Th=
numbers refer to the percentage of  chromium/nickel. In the US, I believe
that the alloy must have at least 11% chromium to be legally described as
stainless steel, no nickel is required. However, the xx/0 (usually 18/0 is
used) isn't as stainless as the alloys that contain some nickel.
Cookware made of 18/0 alloy will eventually show some rust spotting. So wit=
the rather extreme conditions found in a roaster you'd probably be assured
of rust spotting.
Not sure? If a magnet sticks to it is SS with no nickel or is not a
stainless steel at all.
On 2/20/06, Jason Molinari  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 2/20/06, Ron Feroni  wrote:
18/8 is about the best consumer grade stainless steel you normally see in
stores.  Test it with a magnet - it should NOT attract a magnet if it is
really stainless steel.
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6) From: Ed Needham
That's one issue I wouldn't worry about.  Galvanized, plated or painted I'd 
stay away from.
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