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Topic: A request for Tom. Some data logs (6 msgs / 132 lines)
1) From: Jason Molinari
I don't know how easy this is for Tom, but if he
datalogs his roasts, it should be pretty easy.
What i would like, is a data log of temperature (bean)
and time for different roast level. So a temp log for
a general city+ roast, one for a full city, one for a
full city + and one for a vienna.
Personally, i'm profile-retarded, and i can't seem to
get a good one. Looking at his bean temp pictorial, he
mentions to ignore the times.
I'd find it very useful to see a time/temp log for a
good roast (doesn't have to be varietal specific).
He doesn't even need to format it. Just a text dump of
his extech logger is fine for me. i'd even volunteer
to format it to graphs or wahtever.
What say you Tom?

2) From: Scott Marquardt
I'd like something more. I'd like Tom to archive all his bean data.
ACTUALLY, I wish he'd database it so it's all accessible forever, instead o=
evaporating once he's out of a bean.
My two cents.
On 2/22/06, Jason Molinari  wrote:

3) From: Jason Molinari
he does, check in the bean archives....
--- Scott Marquardt  wrote:

4) From: Scott Marquardt
Darned right. Nice!
Whokay, now if it was all normalized in a database . . .
(some people are just hard to please ;-)
On 2/22/06, Jason Molinari  wrote:

5) From: Steve Hay
I've actually considered writing some sort of "scraper" that would put Tom'=
inventory into XML format or something..  I've often wondered what the "top
3" scoring beans are..  I think one or two of them are Kenyas...
Not that it really matters; so far the flavors have been so varied between
varietals, a comparison of scores between them is hard to be very
Still, I'm a data weenie so I think about things like this.
What might be nice is some more empirical bean data.  It would be nice to
know things like bean density, updated moisture content, and any other
parameters of interest he might be able to obtain...
Is anyone attending that Roasting school?  For $600 it would seem like a
bargain for those of you who have spent thousands on equipment..  If so,
please provide the "gauge" for the rest of us on what they teach. :)
On 2/22/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com

6) From: Scott Marquardt
If you ever get ambitious, lete me know. I'm a datahead too.
My ultimate would be not only a database of beans -- and not just for Tom's
offerings -- but also a database of everyone's profiles for their roasts of
said beans. That's tough 'cause roast methods vary and measurement
reliability and consistency would wildly vary. But here's another one -- ho=
about a "network PID" of sorts -- kind of a "thin client" approach to
roasting where the controller at the roasting end is merely sensors and
control, and the brains and data are out on the net? The aggregation of
everyone's data, when combined with cupping results and even subjective
appraisals by amateurs (like me), would fund analyses leading to refined
profiling options on a per-origin basis.
One problem would be ensuring there's a primary key for each bean. And that
gets interesting because of variation that can easily get granular to the
Quite a project. It'd be a fun app to have, though. Imagine a status page o=
the web for the system, showing a real-time ticker for BTUs, pounds, and so
forth. Oh -- and don't forget geotagging the data so a Google Earth
representation (vertical bar charts on Earth. maybe) could be provided. Goo=
grief. I just realized something. You could geotag entire profiles in chart
form as lat/lon/alt and zoom in -- including having the roast graphing out
in real time.
Geez . . .

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