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Topic: Vac Bean Cooler? (6 msgs / 147 lines)
1) From: sean
I have a SS mesh colander - and a 4" dust control system in my shop...  
I have read about numerous fan bean coolers, anyone using a Vac bean cooler?
I envision a small plywood box, with the colander sitting/sealed on the top
- the 4" dust collector is high volume, low velocity type flow...pulling
high volumes of air over the beans.  
Only issue I see is the smell of bean smoke infused in my dust collector
bags...Fabreeze should solve that.

2) From: Bill Morgan
Another issue is the temperature of the air coming off the beans into
the vac hose/duct.  people have collapsed shop vac hoses using them in
this fashion.
On 2/25/06, sean  wrote:

3) From: sean
Ouch - never considered that...  
Can see that happening, the hose is not that robust...

4) From: Jim Sheets
I recently built a VAC cooler with the box my Rocky came in (very sturdy
box).  I sealed all of the corners with duct tape, found a mesh strainer (7"
in diameter) cut a hole out for the strainer, lined the hole with duct tape
to create a decent seal did the same to the side of the box for the hose.
Roasted some beans in my popper, dumped them into the strainer and turned on
the Dyson, the beans were room temp in about 20 - 30 seconds.  Fantastic!
Good luck.  Have not had a problem with smells in my vac either.

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
Check out this:http://tinyurl.com/dvggjMike (just plain)

6) From: Scot Murphy
On |Feb 25, at 2:07 PM|Feb 25, sean wrote:
The way I have it is a kitty litter pail (you could use a 5-gallon  
pail or smaller) with a hole cut in the side for the vacuum hose. In  
the opening I use some cloths as a collar to help focus the airflow  
and in the center a strainer (colander). It's a lot easier than the  
box you're talking about, but probably not as much fun to make. :)
Scot "remember slow cooling, then fast" Murphy
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