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1) From: Tom Ulmer
You are absolutely correct having a standard phone, or one that is powered
by the phone system itself. Yet another problem arises when the power back
up for the system eventually dies. I recall this happens at about 72 hours.

2) From: Aaron
tom it all depends on the phone company and power company how long your 
phone system will last.
Generally if it is up to top shape, yes it should last 48 to 72 hours 
alone on battery power, however some call stations have generators at 
them to charge the batteries / run the system when needed.  The power 
company also tries to make efforts to bring power back to the vital 
places first,  ie phone company buildings / police / fire / hospital etc 
etc, so unless it's a total wipeout, theres a good chance that they will 
have power back before the 72 hours.
Cell phones IF the towers are still up and operational, will die very 
soon afterwards as they rely heavily on downlinks to regular land 
lines.  That's one thing I like about my old analog cell phone, it's an 
ancient radio shack that weighs about 5 pounds and has like an 8 inch 
whip antenna on it.  Cell Phones nowadays the reception absolutely sucks 
on them, but they don't care about that anymore because there's a cell 
station every 2 blocks it seems so the crappy receiption is kind of 
covered up by the over redunant coverage.  When those stations go down 
now, good luck.  with this super whip antenna thing and its 3dB gain, i 
can easily pull stations 40 to 60 miles out and get a connection.  I 
don't have a subscription with it, but it still works for 911 calls.   
60 miles might very well be enough to get you out of a damage swath and 
to an operational tower if you need emergency comms.  In emergencies you 
can also convince an operator to link your call elsewhere and bill your 

3) From: Michael Wascher
Pretty soon your analog cellphone will stop working. The requirement to
provide analog coverage is being dropped, not enough users out there anymor=
& spectrum is scarce.
For us, the analog cell phone in one of our cars is/was the last line of
communication. The house phone is VoIP, any guesses on how long the cable
modem will keep a connection?
The other cellphones are GSM, so not even a fallback to analog. I have some
SIMs from other providers, think I can raise a signal from Australia?
On 2/26/06, Aaron  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

4) From: Aaron
michael very interesting statements.
yes analog is going the way of the betamax tape and the 8 track.
voip, cablemodem  oh dear, I feel sorry for you, our cable out here is
horrid,  it dies on a good day let alone in stormy weather....
another option would be satellite phones but they are in their infancy
as a 'normal person' device (normal as in, non super techno geek like
myself who has to have every stupid gadget no matter what it costs), and
are still quite expensive to use / operate....... then there's that
issue with dense cloud cover but we won't go there.
Austrailia has indians right... well in america we call them native
americans or native indians,  im not sure what you call them out there
but, get some of the good people to send smoke signals for you :) and
you can make the smoke by roasting coffee so kill two birds with one
stone and make some new friends while yer at it too!!

5) From: Michael Wascher
I'm in the US, but have an Australian SIM from a recent visit. Not in the
phone at the moment, the roaming charges would be outrageous!
Australia has aboriginal natives too, though they don't use smoke signals,
they use bullroarers. Hey, I have one! Cool, another signaling device.
Our cable has been pretty good lately, probably because the cable provider
is offering phone service now. Cheaper elsewhere, though. But, they slipped
in a clause that says VoIP isn't acceptable use on their home service,
unless you buy from them, of course. So keep it quiet, everybody.
On 2/26/06, Aaron  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

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