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Topic: Off Topic- N.A.I.S. (15 msgs / 332 lines)
1) From: Susan Wolfe
I would like to start off by saying that I ran this OT by Tom/Maria and 
received permission to post this if responses were handled off line and 
the subject didn't take over the list.  With that said here goes.
  As a small grass farmer I wanted to bring to the attention of as many 
folks as possible the NAIS, National Animal Identification System using 
RFID and GPS technology.  A system that is now voluntary will become 
mandatory by January 2009 and has the potential of being the death knell 
of the small family farm.  Every chicken, cow, horse, pig, llama, mule, 
donkey, even some fish will have to be id'd.  I fail to see that 
tracking my laying flock or knowing where my cows are will make the food 
supply safer; it would however give the government more control. Please 
go to www.stopanimalid.org or NoNAIS.org and educate yourself on NAIS. 
Go to the NAIS website and read the "Draft" of their agenda.  Your help 
in stopping this will be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Susan

2) From: Brett Mason
Two thoughts come to mind...
1.  I have a friend who was a small grass farmer - in Oregon...
2.  If animals get the ID, and the number is 6 6 6 , will they be
following the AntiCow?
On 2/27/06, Susan Wolfe  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

3) From: Aaron
I don't know how bad cattle rustling (stealing) is anymore but this 
would be one way to track them. 
Also, with the mad cow disease panic going on, this would also be a way 
to comply and keep track of what beef is safe or is suspect or not. Kind 
of a quality assurance thing, if your cows are not marked, were not 
buying them type of thing.  If mad cow breaks out on farmer browns farm, 
and surrounding farms in a 15 mile radius are suspect, this is a perfect 
way to track that.  Not just MK disease but anything really.
granted though, yes it is more stuff the govt is getting into that they 
don't need to be. 
The idea is actually a fairly sound one for the first mentioned reasons 
but if this project is to actually take hold, it is  NOT something the 
govt should be doing, it should be in private companies.  We all have 
seen how wonderfully the government has run programs in the past ... 
NOT... and now, another progam to throw millions of dollars of taxpayers 
money into... yeah, great,   give the politicians more votes to buy.... 
again  NOT.
and finally...
the anti cow.... would they go Moo   or ooooMMMMMMMMM   and if one were 
to have an abortion, could you say it was  decalfinated?

4) From: sean
But what about the Cows rights?  Has anyone considered that?  I mean, if
*Bob Moo is getting some action on the side, and *Barbara Moo happens to
have a GPS enabled PC that can read where Bob has been...could Bob get
What if she saw him in the Pig Pen??  What if Bob went to a Cow Porn Shop or
an Udder Bar?  Or worse - McDonalds!
* the real names were changed to protect the innocent
Sean M. Cary
Major USMC
Tempus Fugit - Memento Mori

5) From: Steve Hay
On 2/27/06, Aaron  wrote:
I know I'm veering off the topic of coffee, but..
Something like this, if justified, is perfect for the government.  Enforcin=
regulations is what the government is (largely) for.  I'm not sure what
would be accomplished by privatizing something like this except for some
false hope of competition, of which there would be none pretty quickly,
since the laws would be written or changed to prevent it.
Whoever said that those who worship the almighty dollar have my best
interests at heart?  Certainly not Adam Smith.
As for how this would hurt the small farmer, I'm not sure.  RFID technology
was, last I heard, relatively cheap.  Farmers already get subsidized--why
not subsidize them some RFID tags while we're at it?
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com

6) From:
First the cows, pigs, goats and little chickens; next they will want to put those little tags into one of our chubby buuts!!
I say NO, NO, NO
We have people to feed let's solve that before we give Buddy Moo a handheld to look for his hunny bun

7) From: Steve Hay
On 2/28/06, beanzebub  wrote:
Fair enough, but last I heard the long leg so to speak in feeding the world
was not growing, but rather transporting, the food.
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com

8) From:
I did not say feed the world, let's try to feed our starving first. Hell there are older adults eating cat food for god sake.
Maybe I'll send a case to bush for his mother.

9) From: Scott Marquardt
Heck, I used to think chompin' down on a pellet o' 6-shot in a nicely
cooked pheasant was an irritation. Now I'm gonna be chippin' my teeth
on chips, too? Geez . . .

10) From: Aaron
Tinfoil hat on, moonbat screecher started.
ginny says
Hell there are older adults eating cat food for god sake. 
Maybe I'll send a case to bush for his mother.
We didnt'know you liked cat food gin, what is your favority brand and flavor Ill see if I can send some your way.
Also im sure ms bush would appreciate your kindness and willingness to share your meals with her as well!
*** end screech, tinfoil hat removed ***
 this also brings up another problem.
what if farmer brown uses it down on his sheep farm to 'rustle up a 
date' for the night?  or will the black helicopters with nightvision see 
and stop him?
Where does virgin wool come from?    Ugly sheep!!

11) From: Gene Smith
Better still, now they're gonna be able to track that pheasant when you're 
with it, too, Scott.
Gene Smith
still trackable, in Houston

12) From: Randolph Wilson
With all due respect for your compassion for others, why would anyone 
eat cat food when there are less expensive things which are excellent 
sources of human nutrition?  If you know of someone who is actually 
doing this, please let me know - I'd love to teach them about the 
alternatives, and will happily give them a starter supply large 
enough to last them quite a while.  I make donations of these types 
of foods to our local food bank on a somewhat regular basis, and have 
no problem with making a similar donation to an individual.  Either 
this dog/cat food thing is a media myth, or we are doing an atrocious 
job of educating people about smarter options.
Take Care,

13) From:
Not a myth; I have seen this with my own eyes. We are talking mostly the homeless who steal this from small local markets as well as some really older folks who don't have enough money for themselves and their pets so the combine the feeding by using pet food that is cheap...
Clearly it is all about education. The issue is addressing the problem and acting to solve same. Remember that some off the elderly are too proud, have no family members who care about them any longer and are just out there alone. Many cannot get to the food banks. I worked for the food bank in San Luis Obispo and I would drive bags to som e of the shut-in's. It is a matter of local folks finding these elderly and helping.
As to the homeless, after a couple of bottles of Ripple they eat whatever they can get...
I look at what the government spends on stupid things, then cuts the local state funds for helath care and other programs for the homeless and elderly. I go around to my neighbors herew and  get food for the Phoenix weekly food banks. I got Sprouts, the newer local market to give us all of their veggies, all we have to do is pick them up.
I will jump off my soap box.

14) From: Aaron
Better still, now they're gonna be able to track that pheasant when 
you're done
with it, too, Scott.
But then you are going to have to teach your laborador to use the 
device. and that brings up another problem,
will the pooch interface be waterproof, you know how them labs are..

15) From: Sandy Andina
It's not a myth; most often, store and generic brands of cat food are  
cheaper and more convenient (though unpalatable) sources of protein  
than, say, beans, eggs, cheese and tofu (which need cooking and/or  
refrigeration) and even the lowest grade of canned tuna, mackerel or  
sardines.  These days, there are more food pantries than ever before,  
but often the elderly cannot get to them and are unaware of (or too  
proud and private) home delivery options; many do not qualify for  
subsidies and many more cannot or don't know how to apply (and again,  
many are too proud to). G-d bless you in your efforts to feed them!
On Mar 1, 2006, at 9:31 AM, Randolph Wilson wrote:

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