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1) From: Steve D - Kc4rkf

2) From: Henry C. Davis
OTOH, I hope before it went *into* the cask it was charcoal filtered,
otherwise the names popskull, busthead, snakebit, batterycured, zombiejuice
and some less polite terms would apply.... I have to say the bourbon I get
from Tom these days is easier on the system than the stuff I used make and
buy with a similar appellation, even when properly handled and rested.

3) From: Spencer W. Thomas
No, there is no need to filter well-made whisk(e)y.  I'm sure that the Scots
would recoil in horror at such a suggestion.
"Henry C. Davis" wrote:
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4) From: Monty Harris
At 05:21 PM 7/23/01 -0400, Spencer wrote:
Tennessee Whiskey: Straight whiskey distilled in Tennessee from a fermented
mash containing at least 51% corn, then leeched through charcoal before aging.
Bourbon on the other hand is not filtered before aging in charred oak which
gives the clear as water "green whiskey" it's distinctive caramel color
after a minimum two years in the barrel.
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5) From: Henry C. Davis
It does, however, circulate through the charred oak during changes in temp.,

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