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Topic: Newbies point of view on emai/forum issue... (11 msgs / 288 lines)
1) From: Ron Feroni
Fellow coffee snobs...
         Well I don't get involved in these rants much but I will say I do 
like what Tom said in his email.  From my "newbie" perspective, here's 
1.  I found SM by searching the web for better coffee.  SM pops up, I do a 
quick search on SM itself, find out it is 'THEE' place to buy coffee, and to 
learn about coffee roasting.
2.  I go off the hook ordering all kinds of coffee brewers, beans, and now 
own a SM+ and a Mazzer Major.  2 months ago I had a bunn coffee pot and some 
stale Tim Hortons coffee(and more money in my bank account!) and thought I 
was doing good!
3.  Jump on this email list so I can get guidance in the life-long learning 
process of roasting coffee.  Buy a popperyII and start posting questions.
....and thats where I found a bit of frustration.  Most of the time my 
questions were answered eventually, but it took a while of going thru what I 
consider Junk.  I also hoped I would get more responses than I did on  
things as it always pays to listen to many than one.  I KNOW there is a 
wealth of knowledge on this list.  The fact that this list exists and people 
go thru what they do to get fresh roasted coffee just spews knowledge.  I 
joined this list for one reason only...to learn how to roast coffee 
correctly, and talk about coffee related stuff.  Now, having said that let 
me also say
....I don't care about(meaning, it doesn't bother me one way or the other) 
the OT stuff, the rants and raves, the jokes, and  people attacking other 
people.  I've never understood how someone can get 'mad' thru writing on the 
INTERNET!.  If ya don't like it, don't read it or respond to it, blah blah 
blah we all know the story.  As for this list I don't care if it stays the 
way it is, gets cancelled, or goes to a forum type list.  I just want to 
learn how to perfect roasting coffee(in my SC/TO if anyone has some advice 
for me! :)...)
   So I guess from my newbie prospective it would be nice to have some type 
of newbie only section, where the only talked about stuff is getting your 
newbie questions answered promptly by those of you that have the knowledge.  
Many of you old timers(no offense!) may have forgotten that you were also 
once new.
  on that note...Thanks to ALL on this list, as I probably picked up a trick 
or two from EVERYONE, tho not all tricks were coffee related..:).  And thank 
you TOM for doing what you do to get the "everyone should homeroast" message 
out there and providing the most excellent SweetMarias website...I'm off to 
check on some Harrar!
..who recently let the Lord take control of his life...

2) From: Gene Smith
Okay...that message did it for me.  I SEE THE LIGHT!  Personally, I think 
Tom should let the Lord take control of this list.  As for me, I'm headed 
straight to hell where I belong.  Good night all!  It's been fun.
Gene Smith
signing off, in Houston

3) From:
If there was a new only section, how would you get your answers? No one KNOWS so you be out of luck.
All kidding aside Ron, this list is "the coffee list" to belong to regardless of you stage in roasting.
We all know where we came from and what seems to be happening here time and again is coffee talk and general conversation. A few flames, sure why not. Life is good and we can't all agree.
To expect a response to your question in a few fast emails is not reasonable. It may take a day or more before someone to find you new thread interesting.
You can always do a google search and find your answer in a second but you will not find the candor and frankness be it blunt or outspoken that you will here.

4) From:
me too, right to the hell where I belong.

5) From: Edward Rasmussen
I hope your signing off meant just for tonight and that you'll be back =
again tomorrow.  You're one of our favorite posters on this list.  We =
can always count on you to lighten the mood when others are spitting and =

6) From:
Gene does this to taunt us. He will be around almost as long as I will.
I almost responded to that view but held my tongue.
Gene, how is life in Houston?

7) From: Aaron
Let me add to ginny's posts here....
If you ask a question about a SC/TO.... I don't own one,  so I am 
probably not going to pay attention to that thread too much.  Even when 
I do, simply posting a... sorry bud, don't have one can't help you. but 
don't give up, help should come... is not really helpful either... so 
most of the time I just wont post there... not trying to be rude but, I 
have nothing to add, so won't waste my time or yours.  I believe I can 
safely say that many folks share a similar view or mindset on this as well.
Then there are folks who get the digest version and only read it once 
every day or so.
Then there are the folks who it seems really only read their SM mails 
once a week and then post.
Then there are the folks who might not have access to the internet 
daily, or are travelling etc etc and dont have time.
I could go on but you get the idea.... sometimes you have to wait a few 
days, sometimes up to a week to get the right person who's brain you 
want to pick to get a 'needful' answer to your questions.
Not sure how helpful this is but, don't automatically assume you are 
being ignored... some of us just honestly don't have an answer for you.

8) From:
Thank you

9) From: National Prison Consultants
Ginny, I thought you were going away???? That was rather short lived.  Cant
you just read and not post???

10) From:
Sorry I did not just drop off a Christmas Tree. This is the 21st c.
 > From: "National Prison Consultants" 

11) From: Brett Mason
Hi Ron,
OK, a question, and a comment...
1. To prove your commitment, can you please identify the state and
growth in your green bean coffee stash?  and,
2. Always good to have aknowledgeable leader in control.... good move!
On 3/8/06, Ron Feroni  wrote:
t I
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason
   _(( )_  Please don't spill the coffee!

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