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1) From:
There is no gang of four or five here. That is a myth used by people who get caught up in threads that they should have left alone. 
I clearly do not respond to every post; some are of no interest.
 John said:  >>>What I do, is post and when someone reasonably intelligent with a sense of
decency ant not overly insecure, responds without the need to be insulting>>>
John you must miss most of the list or you are just looking to  make yourself right.
You have that "police" mentality. So sorry for you. Your right by some god given agenda.

2) From: National Prison Consultants
Ginny, how can it be a myth when I have seen and been a victim of it????
We're pretending again.  
You are rather confused about a "police" mentality as I have NOTHING to do
with law enforcement, except, of course, when I have been in handcuffs, but
again, Lets not let facts interfere with our insults.....

3) From: Aaron
John ... Ginny...
ok I am the LAST person who should be speaking up on this but......
there are spectators out here remember, your posts are becoming a bit 
umm  exquisitely personalised...
might want to continue this a bit more private..... just a friendly 
Granted I am sure I will be flamed and told to mind my own business and 
called a hypocrite etc, and normally I would just watch the show 
unfolding here but, tom has spoken already and said he's tired of this 
kind of thing..... he's already said he's in a bad mood.... let's not 
give him a valid reason to moderate this forum.
Not trying to beat a dead horse but, it was personal attacks that were 
specifically directed, as these are becoming, that got some folks in 
trouble in the past.... Don't want to see anyone 'kicked off' the list 

4) From:
I am sorry I offened you about the police. We will get over this; I have never been in handcuffs. I was never arrested.
I digress. I am not clear on what you have been a victim of John. 
I read the list, lookie loo, lurk some days and "come out" when the mood strikes. I think you are mistaken or have a very soft shell.

5) From: National Prison Consultants
Ginny, just go away............ Please.

6) From:
again, now Aaron. Is that a threat? shall I call may email list attorney. have you in ribbons of email to last a lifetime?

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