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Topic: Thrift stores, was +$800 handcranked burr mill (6 msgs / 87 lines)
1) From: Bill Morgan
Just after I posted my previous message I realized that this is a
really great example of thread drift:  from talking about $800
hand-cranked mills to $5 thrift store poppers!
Yes, I stopped by and looked at those, but decided to pass on them
because I don't have a suitable grinder anyway.
And then on my thrift store rounds today I ran into a deLonghi pump
espresso machine for $17 and change.  Now that I couldn't resist!  I
forget the model name, but I'm sure it's a cheapo.  Gotta be better
than a steam toy, regardless.  Something to practice with.
On 3/21/06, b cook  wrote:

2) From:
good score Billy...

3) From: b cook
Nice, Bill.  I probably would have picked up the Delonghi for $17 as well.
On 3/21/06, beanjolais  wrote:

4) From: David B. Westebbe
I have an old deLonghi pump machine.
With practice (and luck), you can make espresso which is better than 90% of
the stuff you get at coffee houses.  It doesn't compare with the cream of
the crop, but compared to a steam toy or a typical coffee house, it makes
pretty good espresso.

5) From: Bill Morgan
Beginner's luck, maybe, but it's dandy!  I ran some water through it
to make sure it worked and wasn't filthy, then tried out some
reasonable-quality storebought preground expresso in  it.  Nice crema
and definitely better tasting than many drinks I've paid for!  It's a
very plain portafilter, too.  No crema-enhancing gadgetry.
Oh, it's a deLonghi Caffe Veneto, in case anybody recognizes that model.
Now I _have_ to score a decent grinder.
On 3/22/06, David B. Westebbe  wrote:

6) From: Woody DeCasere
http://store.yahoo.com/trishops/ka-cm-bar12.htmlhas a boiler, looks to not be a thermoblock, nice pickup, for $17 i'd say
you got a pretty good deal on a real beginner machine.
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

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