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1) From: Hot Coffee
Just got my order of booberry and Tom's rant.  I use a Mellitta single cup 
with paper filter and the coffee brews for about a minute or a little less.  
You say best brew is four min.  How do I brew for 4 min
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2) From:
this booberry makes the best espresso or cafe crema.
brew ? sorry.

3) From: Demian Ebert
You have two options to increase brew time with a pour over rig: First, try
a substantially finer grind (almost to the point of clogging the filter).
Second, try adding just enough water to get the coffee to bloom, then very
slowly add more water to the filter so that the coffee just barely drips ou=
the bottom.
The goal of either is to increase the contact time between the ground coffe=
and water.
On 3/21/06, Hot Coffee  wrote:

4) From: Jason Molinari
When i brew with my melitta one cup, mine also goes
through in about 1.5 mins. To do 4 mins i'd have to
grind SUPER fine or use tons of coffee.
--- Hot Coffee  wrote:

5) From:
your concern or question is? Try it mikie you may like something NEW.

6) From: Jason Molinari
Rex, no concern or question. I was commenting on a
previous post, and agreeing that my single cupper also
goes fast than 4 minutes. If i grind fine enough to
make it a 4 min brew, it is overextracted. 
just my opinion.
--- beanjolais wrote:

7) From:
ah, jason, I guess I did not read the post correctly.
I would ? your 4 minute brew.
Why would you want to brew for 4 minutes regardless of the pot/port/container/vac/espresso machine??!!

8) From: Brian Kamnetz
I used to use a 1-mug pour-over. I plugged the holes with toothpicks,
and that slowed down the flow quite a bit.

9) From: Woody DeCasere
Or you could get a French Press, that way you are sure to be able to get th=
4 minute brew.
for my chemex i would never get a 4 minute brew maybe 4 minutes total, but =
dont think so, i know the finer i grind the longer ti takes to go through
the filter.
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

10) From: Randolph Wilson
Your grind is too coarse.  Also, you may want to pour a little slowly 
at first, although pour technique can be a matter of religious 
belief, so I'll just stick with, "grind finer".  Mine comes just 
short of stalling by the end of the brew.

11) From: raymanowen
"How do I brew for 4 min?"
Here it is: Set up the filter in the cone over your empty warm coffee mug.
Place the normal quantity of coarse-ground coffee in the bottom of the
beaker of your small press pot.
Pour in 6oz of H2O, just off boil if you're near sea level and cover the
beaker with a microwave-safe saucer and stick it in the microwave to rest
for a minute.
After the minute, cause unrest and commotion in the beaker with a plastic
spoon. Recover it and buzz it for a few seconds to maintain the heat. (Don'=
let it boil!)
Repeat this fire drill after Minute #2.
At three minutes, decant a couple of oz. into a demi, and pour the rest
through the filter set-up. The fourth brewing minute will occur as the
mixture hits the filter.
Hoist the demi to your pursed lips and enjoy the best coffee you ever
experienced from the same bean you never knew!
Now try the mug. That's a Four-minute brew. Do you like the flavor better?
Can you taste the paper filter? Did the filter take out all the body? Do yo=
wish you had the body back? You may be a press person!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
A Rubble Grinder adds to the body in a press pot!

12) From: Angelo
How about adding more filters?

13) From: Cheryl Alexander
Too fast? Get a *Swissgold* 4-cup pour-over. I suppose a one-cup would be t=
he same, as well.
Trust me, short brew time will be the LEAST of your problems.
so many pens...so little time... http://www.gcwr.org/
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From: Jason Molinari 
To: homeroast 
Sent: Tuesday, March 21, 2006 7:39:19 PM 
Subject: Re: +Tom's rant 
When i brew with my melitta one cup, mine also goes 
through in about 1.5 mins. To do 4 mins i'd have to 
grind SUPER fine or use tons of coffee. 
--- Hot Coffee wrote: 

14) From: Ed Needham
What's wrong with grinding 'super fine'?  Fineness of grind relates 1:1 with 
extraction time.  Get the grind set so that you get the flavor you want and 
forget about the time.  I've used Melitta quite a bit and if the water is 
just pouring through like that it means your grind is not fine enough. 
Those cones and filters don't have much variability from one user to 
another, so adding extra filters and rigging up other workarounds is 
Ed Needham
"to absurdity and beyond!"
ed at homeroaster dot com
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15) From: Jason Molinari
i must have been unclear...i'm happy with my drip
flavor:) I've tried grinding finer and don't like the
flavor, it is overextracted.
--- Ed Needham  wrote:

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