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Topic: Moka Pot Gadgetry (5 msgs / 148 lines)
1) From: Bill Morgan
I just picked up a Bialetti moka pot with some sort of gadget at the
top of the column which brings the coffee into the upper chamber:http://homepage.mac.com/bilmor/Coffee/CoffeePix.htmlI'm guessing it's some kind of crema enhancer?  Anybody know the story?
I'll try it out this weekend.

2) From: raymanowen
I sure don't know, mine doesn't have it.
If you fill the bottom to the mormal brewing level and then just pour that
water into the top chamber, see if the level on top is much above the skirt
of the added thimble (thingie). I realize, all the water in the bottom
cannot go up, but this is just a little beyond the worst case check.
If you had brewed to this point and removed the moka pot from the heat, it
would pull liquid back down from the top until the upper level got below th=
skirt level. That wouldn't have any effect on the coffee in the top- just a
I have a capital idea- try it out asap.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Might=
Wichita WurliTzer

3) From: Bill Morgan
Turns out it's a Bialetti Brikka:http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001DJT7G/104-8347736-3760758The thimble-looking gadget is a weighted pressure valve.  The idea is
that the water stays below until it's heated enough to form enough
pressure to lift the weight and emerge through some spray nozzle like
openings, thus forming "crema".  The real result (in two tries so far)
is that the water stays below until it's heated enough to rush up and
spray coffee all over the stove.
I'm going to give it one more trial, at a lower setting on the hated
old electric stove, and then put it on the shelf next to my other
three moka pots.  At least it's a cute, different shape, so all the
pots are different from one another.  (My favorite is the  little 3T
one with the transparent upper chamber.)
On 3/23/06, Bill Morgan  wrote:

4) From: Myron J
You may want to mosey over to www.coffeegeek.com to check out their forum 
for old threads about the Brikka.
I used to be a Brikka  (Two cup) user till i updated to a Gaggia.
I got a nice cup from the two cup brikka..with a layer of "crema"..the Four 
cupper did not give such great results.
You may need to grind finer and use FRESH FRESH coffee.
Myron Joshua
Kibbutz Kfar Etzion
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5) From: Bill Morgan
Thanks for the encouragement, but I think that this pot must not be
working right.  I've tried more or less coffee, more or less heat,
more or less water, finer or coarser grind, and the result is always
coffee spewing across the stove.
It is the four cup model, and everyone says that the two-cupper gives
better results, so I'm ready to put it on the shelf.  No great loss
for $3 and I have plenty of ways to make coffee.
On 3/25/06, Myron J  wrote:

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