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Topic: Any blueberries in your cup? (11 msgs / 320 lines)
1) From: Scott Miller
Finished my initial roast about 9 PM last night. No blueberry aroma 
during the roast and none in the container once I opened it this 
morning. Nothing in the fresh grind. Or the wet aroma.
Nothing in the freshly brewed hot cup. Or the warm cup. HOWEVER... near 
the end, when the coffee was at 120 degrees (yes, I measured the temp; 
how goofy is that?) a healthy hint of BLUEBERRY! Shocking says I. Even 
though I have a bit of a cold and there's pine pollen everywhere in 
south GA right now (that really plays havoc with tasting ability) there 
was a small ray of hope that blueberry season has arrived! It's early in 
the life of this roast. ME==happy.

2) From: Steve Hay
Your experience is similar to mine so far.  With Lot 30, I didn't smell muc=
blueberry, but there's an ever so subtle hint in the 1 day rested smell of
the beans..  I've not tasted it yet.  I actually shipped it off to my mothe=
as a gift, so I'm going to have to make more..  Still, the blueberry was
more subtle than in another Lot I stumbled across.  That said, this Lot 30
stuff had a much cleaner aroma and probably makes a better cup.  (And I
doubt it has the baby-diaper syndrome from overroasting like the other lot =
On 3/25/06, Scott Miller  wrote:
Steven Hay
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3) From: Dan Martin
I find that after I pour a freshly brewed press pot of Harrar into my cup 
and let it cool for just a bit, the first sip of Crema is where I get the 
blueberries.  Also, in the last sip where you found yours is a hot spot.

4) From: Les
What roast level are you guys taking your lot 30?  I popped open my
container this morning and BLUEBERRY!  However Becky wanted the CoE
Boliva this morning.  I'll be brewing a batch of Horse this afternoon.
On 3/25/06, Dan Martin  wrote:
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5) From: Ebeneneezer Shay
You may be roasting too dark, I have tried a few different batches of
the lot#30 and I find that the blueberry aroma is most pungent, as
Tom's recommendation, in the City+ area. Also I noticed that the
blueberry flavor is FAR more distinguished in the cup from my Chemex
pot compared to my french press. The huskyness of the Harrar shadows
the cup heavily coming from the press. This, in my experience (albeit
limited), is true of all of the Ethiopian coffees. These are allmost
all dry processed coffee and tend to be a little husky or heavy when
more of the finer parts of the grind are in the cup.
I would swear to you that the cup I poured from the Chemex was almost
a fruity tea flavor coming from the lot#30 at City+
A batch I roasted to the full city stage was still very berry, but I
noticed that the intensity of the fruity taste was diminished
considerably from that city, picking up more of an earthy note,
especially out of the press.
Re: +Any blueberries in your cup?
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 12:55:03 -0600
Reply-To: homeroast
I find that after I pour a freshly brewed press pot of Harrar into my cup
and let it cool for just a bit, the first sip of Crema is where I get the
blueberries.  Also, in the last sip where you found yours is a hot spot.

6) From: Dan Martin
Well, I  just had a cup of my 24hr old Harrar (1 cup drip) and it was 
blueberries all the way through.  It is though, I think, a bit more extreme 
at the end of the cup. IMO

7) From: Dan Martin
Yeah, I'll hace to agree there.  I get more of the blueberries from drip as 
opposed to press

8) From: Alchemist John
This is only the 2nd lot of "blueberry" harrar I have had, but it by 
far is the best and non-subtle.  Les gave me a bit of his that he had 
just pulled from the roaster.  IIRC, 16 minutes, not a hint of 
2nd.  I had it on the second day and the blueberry was pronounced and 
obvious.  It was literally like someone had put blueberry juice in my 
coffee.  It had that very high toned but not acidic note I associate 
with good blueberries.  I need to go pick up a few pounds for myself.
Maybe try a lighter roast.  Where did you take it to?
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John Nanci
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9) From: David Echelbarger
For those of you who are having difficulty with the blueberry in the lot 30
---  I roasted it to City Plus level and do not think I've ever experienced
more blueberry than this.  Truly stunning.  It won't be like a blueberry pie
-- but hints of blueberry with coffee.  I'm guessing that some of you may be
roasting it too dark.  This is what Tom says in the description of the Lot
30:  "If you like Harars roasted to FC+ or Vienna, you will see fruited 
      notes turn to anise, black licorice, pungent spice."  
Just trying to help.  I know that this coffee can be roasted dark and it
will be good, but it may not have much fruit left.

10) From: Aaron Peterson
On 3/25/06, Les  wrote:
Oh wow, that CoE Bolivia is the BOMB!  And I was getting blueberries
from my Yemen - MS today after a couple days rest too.  Wasn't
expecting that, but it was certainly a pleasant surprise :-)
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

11) From: Woody DeCasere
I roasted my batch to FC or FC+ i did not miss out on the blueberry at all,
even those who didnt know what they were looking for found the smell and
flavor, for me 60 hours rest was the sweet spot.
On 3/26/06, Aaron Peterson  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

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