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1) From: S. Kimmel
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I spoke to three different coffee stores in Toronto (Canada) and got =
three different opinions about the coffee bags with the valve.
1. One shop always ships roasted coffee in a valve bag and suggests the =
standing valve bag is resealable.
2. The next shop says forget the valve, it doesn't work. Use a bag and =
the roasted coffee keeps 6 weeks in a bag.
3. The third shop says the valve bag doesn't work and roasted coffee =
doesn't keep longer than 5 days whether it is in a bag or in a jar.
Good thing there aren't more than three stores.
What is your experience with the valve bags? How long do the roasted =
beans really keep in those bags?

2) From: Brent - SC/TO Roasting
If you remember nothing else, please remember to stay away from store
#2.  Run as fast as you can from their employees.
Stores1 and 3 are both right, in their own ways.  The one way valve
bags do work.  They let CO2 caused by the degassing beans escape but
do not let air back in.  Exposing the roasted beans to air begins the
staling proces.  After opening, you can also press much of the air out
and reseal it.  But you'll never get it all out.  Unless you remove it
with a vacuum.
Freshly roasted coffee should be used within 5-10 days of roasting if
you're storing it in a bag or jar.  So, you can still use a one-way
valve to store the beans, it will work, and you should use them in
5-10 days.  Some of the bags stand up, some don't.
But, to reiterate, please stay away from store #2.
Hope that helps clear everything up!  :)
Roasting in an SC/TO & i'Roast2
On 3/28/06, S. Kimmel  wrote:

3) From: Scott Marquardt
Looking for bulk bags myself. Geez, it's hard to find a good vendor. Anyone
have great luck with something cheap?
On 3/28/06, Brent - SC/TO Roasting  wrote:

4) From: Ed Needham
I've already weighed in on this recently, but here it is again.
The valve keeps bags from bursting at altitude.
Coffee stales at about the same rate with or without the valve.
Coffee changes quite a bit after five days, and is rarely better after 10. 
I prefer beans that are less than a week old and I store them in a valveless 
stand-up zip-loc pouch.
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5) From: Jim McClellan
Try:http://www.pacificbag.com/intro.htmlScott Marquardt  wrote: Looking for bulk bags myself. Geez, it's hard to find a good vendor. Anyone have great luck with something cheap? 

6) From: Connelley Barton
We use Ampac(formerly Kapak)  https://www.ampaconline.com/categories.php
Scroll down to CoffeePAK and click.
The CP3+ handles 12 oz. & pound just fine.  Clear/Gold gusseted with valve.
Also, there's no problem ordering just 1 case(500).
*/Scott Marquardt /* wrote:

7) From: Scott Marquardt
Trader Joes brown Kraft bags, minus the valve and ziplocked. That's what I

8) From:
that's easy Scott. are you two TT scott or plain scott?

9) From: Scott Marquardt
I yam what I yam.  ;-)
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10) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 3/29/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:
Yam Scott,
Ok, I think I can remember that!

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