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1) From: jeremy
I ordered some Givalia coffee last month and have been using it for a
few weeks now.
Gosh, I have to tell ya, this stuff is just GREAT!
Never before have I been so impressed with a roast As I have been with
this one.
I got a 1/2lb of the Kenya and the 1/2 lb of the house blend for just
Its truly aromatic and the grind is just perfect.
My flowers and vegetables LOVE the stuff and are doing just GREAT!
By FAR, Gevalia makes the best compost tea that I have ever used.
You DON'T want to get it on your hands or, God forbid, near your mouth
I managed to splash some on my lips as I was watering my plants and
omg was THAT awful! I am still spitting ...

2) From: Peter Zulkowski
It works good on fruit trees also,
here in LHC,
jeremy wrote:

3) From:
This smacks of OT stuff to me.
Gee do I ignore, respond, only respond to known Gang members or only respond if the sender is not a gang member?  
This is tuff to decide but I am sure someone from the hinterlands will tell me what to do!!!
still smiling in Scottsdale with 82 degrees...

4) From: Turbosimba
Seriously, if you want or NEEEEED store bought coffee, Ikea makes some good, 
and cheap coffee in 8 oz bags. Not bad for what it is.

5) From: National Prison Consultants
Jeremy, Please tell me you at least got some of the free stuff---like cups,
brewers or a thermos for your $14.95.  
John Webster
I ordered some Givalia coffee last month and have been using it for a
few weeks now.

6) From: raymanowen
My daughter picked up some stuff of the same name, "Gevalia," as I
remember. In Texas for some sort of meet, she brought me a box of
hermetically-sealed foil packets.
I incorrectly thought the packaging would offset the preground effect.
But no, and I did all the Thou Shallt Nots, above.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
You live and you learn- Got Grinder?

7) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/3/06, raymanowen  wrote:
I gave a friend some homeroast a few weeks ago.  While I was
delivering at his house, we opened a box of gevalia that he received
that day.  A pound of Kenya and a pound of Sumatra.  Chatting with me
on IRC the next day he said to me, "I blame you!  Now that I've tasted
your homeroast, everything else tastes burnt.  My Gevalia tastes like
And I didn't lead him to those truths with previous discussion whatsoever.
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

8) From: Mark J Bergh
And how many days of consecutive drought are you having there in the Valley
of the Sun? 
MJBergh (who grew up there)

9) From:
we ended with 148..got some rain and now nothing but promises!!!

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