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Topic: UGH: So let me get this right... (8 msgs / 152 lines)
1) From: Aaron Peterson
UGH is baggy arabica?  or is it robusta?  Are there any other
varieties besides those two?  Seems like I remember reading about one
from Lybia that is not often seen...
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

2) From: Geary Lyons
Current Ugh! is Vietnamese Robusta.

3) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/4/06, Geary Lyons  wrote:
Heh.  It says that right on there.  I guess I can't read tonight, so
thanks for helping me out :-)
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

4) From: Brett Mason
Hi Aaron,
UGH is a generic term Tom uses for beans that he sells as "not worthy" - he
doesn't intentionally buy bad beans, but if beans don't live up to anything
good, he "brands" them and sells them for experimental purposes...
On 4/4/06, Aaron Peterson  wrote:
Brett Mason
   ...who wants to sell his Silvia and pursue an espresso machine upgrade..=

5) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/4/06, Brett Mason  wrote:
That's interesting.  I was under the impression he did buy them on
purpose to help educate us.  I actually think it would be cool if he
could find some coffees that showed a lot of a single defect so I
could understand exactly what some of the taste defects are.  For
instance, I really have no idea what baggy tastes like.  Guess I'll
find out :-)
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

6) From: Woody DeCasere
Get one of the burlap bags that tom sells, stick it in your mouth, i think
you'll get the flavor, at least thats what i think of YUCK.
actually dont do this it might make you ill, just smell it. Just thinking o=
doing that kinda makes me sick to the stomach.
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

7) From: Steve Hay
On 4/5/06, Aaron Peterson  wrote:
Oh yes.. That Vietnamese Robusta was nasty stuff.  I brought some into work
and I had to swear never to buy communist coffee again.. I guess that what
you get for having coworkers who made a living through the cold war by
maintaining the military industrial complex--quite literally in this case.
But I agree, I think it would be instructive if coffees could be found with
single defects or with very much of one flavor attribute..  Sorta like
learning coffees...  Not sure if such a thing actually exists though...
However, I have found the brighter Kenyas to be almost pure lemon peel acid=
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
Barry Paradox: Consider k to be the greatest element of the set of natural
numbers whose description require maximum of 50 words: "(k+1) is a natural
number which requires more than 50 words to describe it."

8) From: Bill Morgan
Illustrating particular defects is the (very) general idea of the Ugh!
offerings.  Take a look at the rogue's gallery of previous offerings:http://www.sweetmarias.com/coffee.thumbs-down.html.  I'm sorry to
have just missed the This Is BAGGY! one, but just a whiff (I wouldn't
dream of tasting the _ _ _ _) of the current Vietnamese Robusta was
extremely educational.  I always check the Ugh! description when
ordering because I'm looking forward to future lessons.
On 4/5/06, Steve Hay  wrote:

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