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Topic: torrent file for gene cafe (35 msgs / 626 lines)
1) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
okay - i have had a lot of trouble creating/sharing the torrent for 
the mp4 movie I made of the gene cafe. I think I have it now. Here is 
a web page I made with the torrent link. If it doesn't work I will 
try to fix it tomorrow. The mpeg4 movie is about 48 megs - no 
cinematic masterpiece, just a quick and dirty view of the roaster in 
use and a lot of boring commentary by yours truly...http://www.sweetmarias.com/gene_cafe/gene_cafe.htmlYou need a torrent file client to get the file! Do a search on 
azureus, works fine on both PC and MAC
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2) From: Steve Hay
On 4/12/06, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee 

3) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/12/06, Steve Hay  wrote:
I was able to get the file too, and had the same experience as you. 
Unable to connect to the tracker...  I'm unclear as to whether I'm
still seeding if I'm disconnected from the tracker?  My client is
still running / trying to connect though :-)
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

4) From: Jim Mitchell
I got it and am seeding at:

5) From: Steve Hay
On 4/12/06, Jim Mitchell  wrote:
I'm trying to connect there and getting nothin'.  I've got the file and jus=
wanted to help seed for others who might want to download.
I've never set up a torrent before; anyone done this?  There are some
websites like legaltorrents which may be able to host the tracker..  Just a
thought, if there are tech difficulties...
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
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6) From: Jim Mitchell
And for the sake of the non-AlphaGeeks on the list, attached is a link to a 
working torrent file that points to my tracker:

7) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
I will check into this in the AM. I have it on my PC (not the mac) 
and the IP should be static, so the tracker should be okay. Hmmm. I 
am really new at trying to share a torrent so let me try to figure 
this out...
                   "Great coffee comes from tiny roasters"
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8) From: Aaron
well yours worked for me jim, it immediately spawned torrent storm and 
grabbed it.....
thank you

9) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
I don't get it.
I downloaded, and opened in Azureus, where it shows two peers, no seeds, 
so no downloading is happening.
Dave S.
Aaron wrote:
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10) From: Gene Merritt
Ditto for me using a current version of TomatoTorrent on a Mac.
On 4/12/06 11:54 PM, "Maryann & Dave Schellenberg"  wrote:

11) From: Scott Marquardt
All the seeds are off-line or changed IPs, maybe?
On 4/12/06, Gene Merritt  wrote:

12) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/12/06, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Nice background music :-)  Good job, I really enjoyed this video and
look forward to more!
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

13) From: Aaron Peterson
Temporarilly, until we get the torrents going and seeded again, anyone
who wants the video can download it here:http://fnlame.com/~whizzer/genesis_roaster.mp4Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

14) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/12/06, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Don't stay up late on my account, I'm going to bed right now!
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

15) From: Michael Dhabolt
Jim's link (earlier in this thread) is active and seeding - - Thanks
Jim!!  I just finished downloading - and I see that my machine is
seeding at ~ 50meg uploaded so far.
Mike (just plain)

16) From: Tom Bellhouse
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
I was told 45+ minutes to download the file, and I have DSL.  I gave up.
Tom in GA

17) From: Jason Brooks
The link from Brian earlier (I believe -was an IP addy), and it never did
anything for me using a DS3 at work.
Jason Brooks
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18) From: Scott Marquardt
Patience, folks.
Torrents are useless until there's a critical mass of sources. Tom, you nee=
to take specific people seriously when they say they'll source for you, and
pre-deploy files to them. THEN announce availability.
On 4/13/06, Jason Brooks  wrote:

19) From: Angelo
Couldn't this video be put up on the Google video site?

20) From: George Steinert
I don't know anything about torrents or seeding or tracking, but the link
posted by Aaron Peterson works just fine.  It's a large file--glad I'm on
hi-speed cable--but it's worth waiting a few minutes for downloading.  The
video is great.  Good job, Tom, and thanks for all you're doing for us!!
Here's the link again: http://fnlame.com/~whizzer/genesis_roaster.mp4George "what's all the fuss about" Steinert

21) From: Gene Merritt
Thanx, that did it for me!!!! Fast & efficient!
On 4/13/06 12:57 PM, "George Steinert"  wrote:

22) From:
Great movie...
Tom super job and rather cool roaster, I am surprised they don't dump the beans for cooling.

23) From: Aaron
georges link will allow folks to download the file in it's entirety like 
it is right off a website instead of having to stream it.
I tried it and it works great.   Thank you george for posting that again.
One other thing which might be a problem with some folks.
the 'format' for this file is mp4.   If you have a multi media player ie 
a movie player that does not want to recognize that format,  you can go 
ahead and change the suffix to  .mpg instead and it should work then in 
your viewer.

24) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
Thank you, Aaron!
11 minutes and 12 seconds.
Azureus never even started on this one.
Dave S.
George Steinert wrote:
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25) From: J.W.Bullfrog
George Steinert wrote:
thanks George. Sucked it down in about 2 minutes (or less).
fyi for others, iv'e been using the free version of jet audio, seems to 
do a lot of things right (including mp4)
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26) From:
my quicktime does it really fast...

27) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 13, at 11:57 AM|Apr 13, George Steinert wrote:
I don't know about you, but using Safari, this link shows up as 45MB  
of garbage. I got the spinning beach ball right away and couldn't  
stop it until all 45 megs filled my browser window with gobbledygook.  
Doesn't anyone have a .mac account to put it on?
Scot "this was my first and probably only try" Murphy
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28) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/13/06, George Steinert  wrote:
Yeah, this is hosted on a server I own.  It's on a high bandwidth
link, so enjoy :-)  So many people were having problems last night
(including me), I thought I would post it there temporarilly so people
wouldn't have to wait to watch it.  However, I had problems seeding
after I downloaded the movie from the torrent, and was hoping to just
become another seed again as soon as we get torrent going (read: I was
hoping my web hosting wasn't a permanent solution).  However, I've
tried Tom's link several times today and without success.
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

29) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/13/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:
This should be fixed now.  My web server didn't know the mime type for
.mp4 files.  Now it does...  Let me know if you still have trouble :-)
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

30) From: Frank Parth
I don't know what the problem is that you're having. My copy of Safari had no problem playing it. So it's not a Macor Safari issue.
Frank Parth

31) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 13, at 2:23 PM|Apr 13, Aaron Peterson wrote:
Working perfectly! Thank you! (How do you tell a web server about  
mime types, anyway? "Hey, server! This is an .mp4 file!" Is it like  
recognizing a country?)
Scot "hey, aren't you Israel?" Murphy
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32) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 13, at 2:33 PM|Apr 13, Frank Parth wrote:
I don't know either. Maybe it was just an errant glitch? It works  
fine now.
What is the price point on this, anyway? It's really a nifty-looking  
machine! I'd love to try one. It's too bad it only handles half-pound  
roasts, though, because I like to do full pound (well, 14 ounces-- 
that's what my jars hold), and I do a full week to a week and a half  
at a time. If this thing takes 18 minutes to roast to first crack,  
then that's a long time sitting at the roaster. (My SC/TO does a full  
pound in about thirteen to eighteen minutes.) I honestly wonder why  
they didn't make it a larger size.
Am I guessing right in that the temperature it measures is, like my  
SC/TO setup, air temp and not bean temp? And is the max temp 482,  
then? From the movie, it looks like setting a profile really won't  
help--it seems to need to be at full power at all times to get to a  
full city roast. Something else: will the glass smoke up and need to  
be cleaned regularly?
I really like the design. Who wants to get me one for my birthday?
Scot "just waiting for someone to jury-rig one out of a wastebasket"  
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33) From: Aaron
Yah that was a pretty neat roaster.  I do have a question.   Why is 
everyone all hung up on the 6 to 8 ounce thing though?  Why can't 
someone do a 'home' (translation: is not going to bust you for $1800 or 
more) roaster that can do a pound or so?  Is this so hard?.  From that 
one tom was doing, there is plenty of room in there for a 'bigger 
drum'.  Add another few hundred watts to the heating element, and you 
could easily do this 1 pound I bet.   They have microwaves out now that 
put out 1300 watts Listed... when this thing first starts up, before 
first load shed, it will pull darned near 2000 watts.   A hot plate you 
plug into the wall can do 1500 watts,  a space heater for your home 
pulls 1500 watts. so whats the worry about a coffee roaster that pulls 
1500 or 1800 watts, the circuits can handle it.  Do we really need 
*another* home roaster, or do we need a *new* style/type ie bigger 
capacity roaster?
Just my two pennies.. take them or leave them.

34) From: Jeffrey Bair
Just as an FYI, I got the video from Aaron's link (thanks!) and am now
seeding it on Jerry's tracker. It's showing 8 peers but none are connecting=
I've got clear reports for firewall and NAT, so it should be available for
those of you that haven't given up on the torrent option. I never could get
Tom's tracker to to open.
On 4/13/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:

35) From: Thbull
I had some issues with the torent. Finally got it downloaded. Looks like a
promising roaster. Might be an 'intermediate' step before getting a
'sample' roaster.
I posted the the .mp4 on my site. You should be able to click this link, or
'download linked' file.http://espresso.9onthecorner.com/genesis_roaster.mp4--another Arron
On 4/14/06, Jeffrey Bair  wrote:

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