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Topic: Tradition Offering - Zass OR Trosser Grinder (5 msgs / 82 lines)
1) From: David Yeager
All this talk about the quality of Zasses and Trossers has me so 
confused, I decided I'd better give one of mine away.  Then I will 
know, by which one is selected, which one I should have kept.  :^)
Here is the offer:
Winner chooses ONE (1) of the following:
         Zass Mill (square), or
         Zass Knee Mill (rectangular), or
         Armin Trosser Mill (square), or
         Armin Trosser Mill (also square).
I will send pictures of these to those who email me at:
Please use the zass address to get by the spam filters.
These grinders were purchased on eBay about 12-18 months ago.
Their condition is at least as good as when I got them.
I will have a grandson, chosen at random, to choose a winner at 
random at 6pm on May 5th, 2006 (Cinco de Maio).
David Y

2) From: Aaron
crap...  man id love to get into this tradition offering but well.  
honestly,  I already have a few zass' and some other grinders too... it 
really wouldn't be fair if  I won and someone who dont have one didn't 
get it then.....
great offering... thank you for your generosity but count me out.

3) From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Juan_M._J=E1come?=
I'd soooo love to own a Zass. You can count me in!

4) From: Andie Z
         I would like to be included in the Traditional Offering.
Andie Z
Mr. Andie J. Zajaceskowski
425 Co. Hwy. 132
Hagaman, NY  12086
Phone 518.842.6701
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5) From: b cook
Please include my name in this traditions offering.
Do I need to also email to the earthlink address just to submit my name or
is that just if I want pics?

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