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Topic: PNWG 2006?? (6 msgs / 201 lines)
1) From: Alchemist John
Here is the post I promised (although there did not appear to be any 
interest in it, from the MM topic).
Hey PNWG 2006 folks --
             This is Penny usurping John's email.  In theory we would 
have been hosting the gathering this year, by the alternation between 
us and Mike McCoffee that's been going on.  It's been a rough year 
for us, or, in reality, a rough couple years since the fire.  The 
gathering here after the fire wasn't bad, but we didn't actually get 
to move back in to the (mostly finished) house until January of 2005, 
ten months and ten days after the fire.
             We finished dealing with the insurance company and the 
restoration company in terms of bills, payments, work, our stuff 
being returned, etc, sometime in the summer of 2005.  Then in July of 
2005 I was diagnosed with a stage 2 melanoma -- skin cancer, which 
meant a fair chunk of skin from my shoulder was removed in August, 
along with some lymph nodes, and I see a dermatologist at least 4 
times a year for the rest of my life -- although I've got an 80% 
chance of living 5 years from the date of diagnosis, so it isn't 
nearly as bad as it could be.
             To add to everything else, Sept 1, my chronic depression 
diagnosis got changed to Bi Polar 1 (too much information, I know -- 
sorry about that), which meant changing around a bunch of 
medications, several months where I barely functioned and John did 
*everything* and then some, and now I'm slowly working my way back 
toward appearing to be a competent and functional human being.  In 
time for allergy, sinus infection, cold, flu, and asthma 
season.  Someone in our house has been sick since the turn of the year.
             So the Gathering date got set for the weekend of 23, 24, 
25 of June, with, the mass focus being on the 24th.  The 23rd is my 
parent's 50th wedding anniversary in Florida, but we'll go see them 
after the fact.  That weekend is also the Black Sheep Gathering in 
Eugene (colored sheep show), where we'll have some of our sheep on 
display, show and for sale.  When it rains it pours.
             I've done a little leg work, and suggested to John that 
maybe instead of being at our house, PNWG could be at "The Great 
Hall" of our daughter's school.  We could rent it for one day for 
$150, plus a one day rider on some Eugene local person's home owner's 
insurance.  (Without the existing home owner's insurance a one day 
policy is about $350 -- but our home owners is the bare minimum they 
have to let us have, because of the fire.  Until we ride out the 
three or five or however many years proving we aren't trying to burn 
ourselves down regularly, we're considered a bad risk and insurance 
companies don't like us!)
             The Great Hall provides lots of parking, indoor and 
outdoor space, electricity, bathrooms, tables and chairs, although it 
may be short on oven and fridge space -- I'll have to check on that 
one, and check on who I know in Eugene who would contribute 
theirs.  :-) It's not as "homey" as our house and land are, but it's 
about as close as one can get away from someone's personal 
residence.  It's not you're typical 1970's or 1980's public school 
building.  It's interesting buildings (only one of which we'd 
actually use, but you might be able to see the rest, on 2 to 5 acres 
(I'll have to ask how much) of grass and trees and some play ground 
space.  Dogs are there, fairly often - although the area isn't fenced 
dog-tight. There are friends and teachers from the school who live in 
walking distance who I think would be willing to let Zara and family 
camp in their yard, if Zara and family are coming.  In Eugene there 
is a somewhat greater selection of hotels and places to eat for those 
of you coming for more than just a day, and some good places to go to 
drink and talk coffee, and or larger scale roasting, that could be 
set up in advance.
Sort of like Mike did last time, we may well be able to visit a local 
roaster (John is on good terms with one) and a local good espresso 
shop (again, John says so) called Perigino's (they are even exciting 
about "playing" with people for an evening).  We would have to figure 
out a  way to distribute the cost of the Hall fairly (us completely 
picking up the tab is not fair).
             And there's the black sheep gathering, that is a short 
drive away at the Eugene fair grounds, where many of the knitting 
circle might greatly enjoy visiting.  I'd be splitting my time 
between the two events, while John would almost certainly be at the 
Gathering rather than the, um, gathering.
             This is all my research - as far as I can see the next 
step is you folk discussing it and deciding if you're 
interested.  I'm not on the list, but you can email me off list at 
pcj (jump through the spam arrest hoops), if you want to, or 
you can question John wherever you catch him.  He even gets to read 
this before it mails.  :-)
OK, John here.  Simply - is there interest still this year for a not 
so cozy, different again, kind of Gathering?  Someone else want to 
host instead?  Any other thoughts?  Tom, can you and Maria make it 
again?  I am sure I am missing something.
John Nanci 
AlChemist at largehttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

2) From: Aaron
Allow me to interrupt with a few of my own thoughts.
You mentioned this
The 23rd is my parent's 50th wedding anniversary in Florida, but we'll 
go see them after the fact.
Congrats, and wish them the best from me.  By today's standards, this is 
a monumentous accomplishment, and one they ... and you  should be very 
proud of.  My parents recently had their 50th a few years ago and we had 
a great time at the family get together.
Given it's in june,  you still have time to 'redo' the PNWG to a bit 
later date and be able to go see your parents on their anniversary date, 
unless this is carved in stone already.  the gathering is a rather fluid 
thing (no pun intended) the anniversary is not.  Id make seeing mom and 
pop a bit higher priority if you are able to swing it, because sadly a 
day is going to come when you won't have to worry about that anymore.
Im not trying to dump on your gathering, but you seem to have an awful 
lot to do in a short amount of time, and it just seems that if the 
gathering got moved a few weeks out or whatever itd not really ruin it, 
yet make your end of the deal a bit more manageable.

3) From: Bart Frazee
On Wed, 19 Apr 2006 05:10:23 -0700, you wrote:
I've been looking forward to going to this for a while. Baring
something unforseen I will be there.
I will contribute $20.00 toward this even if "something unforseen"
happens. If a few others do the same, not a problem.

4) From: Zara Haimo
That weekend, alas, won't work for us and it sounds as if it is already a
very busy weekend for you all.  If you end up doing it a different week,
we'll try to make it.  Also, much as we enjoyed doing it at your farm 2
years ago, the school sounds like a good alternative and I'll be glad to
help out with the cost.
In any case, you're reminding me that we haven't had a Bay area gathering in
a while.  We'll have to do something down here too before too long.

5) From: Barry Luterman
Booked my airline tickets. Will be in Portland June 19 to 29

6) From: Tom Fries
At 04:42 PM 4/21/2006, you wrote:
I have offered up our house to John as an alternative.  We are about 
20 minutes from Eugene.  We'll see what happens. If it does not work 
out, I'll join you all at the school.

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