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Topic: JavaGRIND coffee grinder (7 msgs / 133 lines)
1) From: Fulton Martin
Hi, all,
I was wandering through REI yesterday, and among the kitchen stuff
found this grinder, for $20:
(If that link doesn't work, Google 'JavaGRIND') I bought one as a
possible replacement for the Zass Turkish Mill I usually travel with,
and used it this morning with my AeroPress. It has a few clever
features: the grinding handle locks the grind adjustment, and when
you're done grinding, the handle reverses and locks into a recess on
the bottom of the grinder; there's a rubber cap that covers the
ceramic burrs, so they won't get chipped.
It was designed to mate with GSI's JavaPress, so it's a bit clumsy to
hold it on top of the AeroPress; it might work better to grind it into
the cup, and transfer the grounds, and I'm a bit concerned about
longevity of the burrs held into the lexan with a couple of
self-tapping screws. It's certainly worth having around in case the
power goes out and I can't use my Rocky, though...

2) From: Aaron Peterson
There's this one two in the "related items" list...http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDisplay?productId=2042&storeId=8=000&catalogId=40000008000&langId=-1&addon=739919-600987

3) From: Fulton Martin
*Don't* do it! This is the one I bought because I was too cheap to pay
$80 for the Zass. The directions say something like "Jump and dance
around to keep the beans feeding into the burrs..." Talk about
tedious! It *is* possible to eventually grind enough coffee to make a
cup, but by that time the morning is pretty well shot.
I still use it, as a pepper grinder. It works pretty well for that.
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4) From: Geary Lyons
I have the REI Traveler grinder, (pictured as an alternative on the link).
It has held up well for a travel, camping and backpacking grinder.  I have
not tried to use it for espresso, just FP.  although the all plastic
construction does not convey a sense of lasting quality, it works wells and
I probability won't where it out, given the intended use. The Traveler II
might be a bit less "design to fit". but is self contained and compact. The
housing becomes the grounds container.

5) From: Peter Zulkowski
These have been mentioned from time to time but as far as I know you are 
the first to try one.
I would be interested to know how it compares in grind quality to your 
Zass, and  is it any faster or easier to use?
On the link you  posted was a reference to a 33 oz french press made of 
Lexan, with a neoprene cover.
Seems like this would be a good mate to your grinder if the grinder fit 
it snugly.
Perhaps the grinder was made for that purpose?
Thanks for sharing your find.
Not near any REI stores, here in LHC, AZ
Fulton Martin wrote:

6) From: Rudy Ramsey
I'm also happy with my Traveller II. I bought it last week, not because I'm
too cheap to buy the Zass, but because I needed something now and the Zass
isn't available. It seems quite reasonable, though a bit larger than I
thought it would be from the picture. I definitely look forward to trading
it in, as it were, on a Zass, but will take it on trips in the meantime.

7) From: Fulton Martin
1) The grind quality seems about the same, although I haven't played
with it all that much. I *do* like the fact that once you zero in on
the best grind for your purpose, it's locked in by the handle. (Unlike
the Zass, which depends on the tension of a spring to hold the
2) It's about as fast, but not nearly as convenient. The Zass is
self-contained: once you load the top with beans you can wander around
with it, since the grinds fall into the bottom container. The
JavaGRIND needs to be held onto whatever you're using to catch the
grinds, be that an AeroPress, a cup, or the companion French press.
As for the Traveller II, perhaps they've improved it since I bought
the one I don't like (or I got a bad sample, or it's a different model
/ manufacturer--mine doesn't have any identifying marks on it, or...).
Glad others are using it successfully.
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