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1) From: Maureen Azcoitia
Hey all
I am in need of an easy method to brew my morning
coffee.  I am 7 months pregnant and have a 3 year old
son and a 2 year old daughter.  I have been
homeroasting for about 3 weeks now and when I have the
time I have been using my french press.  But given my
condition/situation, I am in need of a very low
maintence brewing method.  So any recommendations
(even brands to purchase) would be great.
I also need a burr grinder (currently using my in laws
melitta).  I can't do anything terribly expensive at
the moment, but I do want some bang for my buck.

2) From: Les
I really like my Krups Moka Brew.   It is as easy as a regular brewer,
but gives flavor close to a French Press.   If you are not going to do
espresso soon, I still think one of the best grinders is Solis Maestro
Plus Conical Burr Mill that Tom carries them.
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3) From: Andie Z
We use a Cuisinart automatic grind and brew,  It was on sale for 
$39.00.  It does everything.  We load it in the evening and when I 
get up, I press a button.  It keeps the coffee hot and it's not 
difficult to clean.  When we want and have the time to do something 
special we use a French Press, Italian Stove Top Espresso, Chemex, 
and even and old percolator.  But the Cuisinart is our 
mainstay.  Yike!!  Everyone will jump on me for that, but it makes 
things easier.
BTW, I drink black and warm.  My wife drinks with cream and 
sugar.  Hot coffee is not nearly as good as something cool enough to taste.
Andie Z
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4) From: Wesley Simon
The only downside to the KMB is that it takes a while to brew.  It can take
15-20 minutes rather than the < 5 minutes of a drip.
On 4/21/06, Les  wrote:

5) From: Tom Bellhouse
I bought one of the returned/reconditioned Solis Maestro units from Tom
a month ago, and I love it.  Price was $50 less than regular retail.
Tom in GA

6) From: an iconoclast
On 4/21/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:
I weigh my beans the night before and put them in the grinder.  The
first thing I do in the morning is pour the water in the KMB and turn
it on.  Then I grind the beans while letting hot water run into a SS
carafe. Then put a filter in the holder and pour in the grinds. Then
place the contraption on the KMB and go take a shower.  The water is
almost boiling by this time.  It's done by the time my shower is over
or by the time you cuddle with the kids or get their breakfast ready. 
I have a 4 yr old granddaughter and 1 yr old grandson and don't have a
problem as it's such a simple process.  And absolutely fantastic
tasting coffee!
Good luck,

7) From: Scott Miller
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Andie Z wrote:
Is it this model you use? 10 cup?
I was at a friend's house a couple weeks ago. She had just bought one 
and liked it so far, except it was bit messy when the grinder did it's 
thing. I had a cup that was some old, grocery store "gourmet" stuff, so 
I won't comment on the quality of the brew, but it did seem hot enough. 
Just don't know how hot the water was that hit the beans.
It was not convenient for me to noodle around with the machine last time 
I was there, but I'll be at her house on Monday night: armed with 
roasted/rested/ready beans and a thermometer.

8) From: Andie Z
No, it's a DGB 300.  Ours is about 6 months 
old. http://www.cuisinart.com/catalog/product.php?product_id&item_id)&cat_id=3It is on sale in many stores including Macey's.  I wouldn't worry 
about temperature unless you really feel like spending time.  It 
works quite will for what we want early in the morning.  I can 
compare it with the French Press as being not quite as good, 
naturally.  But, at 6 or 7 AM, it does a very good job.
Andie Z
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9) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 21, at 12:12 PM|Apr 21, Maureen Azcoitia wrote:
A lot of people like the Presto Scandinavian, which goes for a little  =
over $40 at Target (online only) and Amazon. Reports are that its  
double-heating method makes it the one low-cost drip brewer that  
reaches optimum temperature. I'd look into it. I might get one myself  =
if I weren't devoted to vacuum brewing.
Scot "never too little time for good coffee" Murphy
"Freedom for supporters of the government only, for members of one  
party only  no matter how big its membership may be  is no freedom =
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