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1) From: Jeremy DeFranco
     I've been enjoying the Pico de Tucon CoE coffee the last few days now.
I've noticed that the taste actually enhances as resting commences. Is this
just my taste buds "honing in" or does this coffee really get better after
resting? I still have some more left and so I want to know if I should rest
it a couple days before dipping into next time.
     Tom, if you have a chance, I was wandering which one, if any, on this
list  (http://www.sweetmarias.com/boliviaCoEresults2005)is the Pico de Tucan CoE
you were selling for a limited time on the SM website. Any chance of gettin=
any more Bolivia CoE in? (no pressure, I still have yet to try the Brazil
CoE I just ordered, and I'm sure I will be just as blown away by them as
          Wishing Everyone a Happy Sunday, and a happy roasting,  Jeremy

2) From: Paul Sack
I only ordered 1 lb of it and roasted it a few hours ago to the end of =
first crack (City?). I made a press pot right afterwards, and, wow! 
this coffee is worth $9/lb and then some. I'm not good on flavor 
descriptions, but I definitely got some apricot or orange flavors in 
the cup as it cooled down. I'm looking forward to see how it is in a 
few days.
On Apr 23, 2006, at 2:22 PM, Jeremy DeFranco wrote:
few days 
any, on 
happy roasting,  

3) From: Tom Ogren
Jeremy, this coffee is number was number 14 in Bolivia. This coffee
really deserves to be brewed using a French Press. I did a press pot
brew this weekend and was floored...Absolutely beautiful, delicate
coffee. FC+ roast was astonishing. I brewed drip style this morning
and, while still very nice, the notes are all somewhat muted. I know
this will apply to any coffee, but this Tucan is a real symphony of
hints and accents and I think that the most subtle notes are lost in
the drip machine (mine anyway)
Considering the 1 lb. limit, the rest of mine gets the press pot
treatment; no exceptions! Great beans...
On 4/23/06, Paul Sack  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

4) From: Tom Ogren
Now the real question is...Where is Agricabv BV Calama Marka (#1 in
Bolivia) and will we see any for sale?
On 4/24/06, Tom Ogren  wrote:
scribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

5) From: Woody DeCasere
I got a pound too thinking all the reviews were raving about it, roasted it
to the level Tom Suggested, Meh, ok coffee, nothing to write home about,
perhaps too subtle, mostly i like big bold coffee's so maybe this is in
itslef an explanation of my feelings toward it.
Am i the only one not blown away with it?
On 4/24/06, Tom Ogren  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

6) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/24/06, Woody DeCasere  wrote:
Yep, I'm pretty sure you're all alone :-)
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

7) From: Tom Bellhouse
Nope, I agree with Woody.  I brewed a small FP this morning, and it was
a very good cofee but I have better in my stash.  But then, no two
people taste alike (said Jeffrey Daumer.)
Tom in GA

8) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 24, at 2:18 PM|Apr 24, Tom Bellhouse wrote:
Same here. I've done 3 roasts of it, each one different, and none of  
them have impressed me. I'm drinking some right now, roasted on  
Thursday and rested since. It's good, but nothing out of the  
ordinary. I don't get the "buttery" feel that others have mentioned.  
On the other hand, I was totally knocked out by the Indian Matadakad,  
which some have agreed is good but none of whom seem to share my  
enthusiasm. Same way with the Indian Pearl Mountain MNEB Nuggets from  
a year or two ago: I went nuts over that. I think I am going to have  
to resign myself to having different taste than other people.
Scot "is that 'none have' or 'none has'?" Murphy
"The sneakiest form of literary subtlety, in a corrupt society, is to  
speak the plain truth. The critics will not understand you; the  
public will not believe you; your fellow writers will shake their  
         --Edward Abbey

9) From: Larry English
I'm with Scot on the Indian Matadakad - some showed up in a sampler and we
loved it, so we expanded the stash with more.  I've been assuming that roas=
technique has much to do with the varying tastes - I probably miss the swee=
spot on a lot of the lots that so many rave about.  I'm an air roaster (bot=
FreshRoast and iRoast2) and usually aim for Full City roasts, with an
occasional Vienna and an occasional City+.
On 4/24/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:

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