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Topic: Pico de Tucan now taste differences (8 msgs / 333 lines)
1) From: DeCambre.Peter
I will be out of the office starting  11/26/2002 and will not return
until 12/02/2002.
I will respond to your message when I return.
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2) From: Peter Zulkowski
Mostly I lurk on here (???) but I do read everything.
For a while now I have been avoiding coffee that certain people just 
love because I have tried that before and know that my tastes are different.
Different enough that I will not like it.
There are some folks here that have similar tastes to mine (see, I am 
not COMPLETELY weird) and it is helpful to know what they like.
This has been a catch as catch can endeavor, but I was wondering if 
there was enough interest to make a concerted effort.
For me, I do not taste blueberries in Harrar #30 and lot #19 is a bit 
better tasting to me.
Both are great!
I am supplied until the next crop shows up.. next year :)
I like some Kenya's if they are brite and strong.
Tom's Puro Scuro blend is awesome, and I like Monsooned Malabar 'gold'.
Mostly I roast just into second crack.
Kona is wasted on me, and I get nothing from JBM.
It would be nice if we could get something set up so that you would have 
a pretty good idea that if you liked something,
then you would love something else. Is this already being done?
CA is still greyed out.. here in LHC
Scot Murphy wrote:

3) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 24, at 2:58 PM|Apr 24, Peter Zulkowski wrote:
Hey, now THERE'S a project for someone web-savvy: a database of sorts  
where you could report on coffees you like or don't like, give some  
keywords that describe your opinions, and people could look them up.  
You could find people whose opinions agree with yours and depend on  
that for future purchases. It would be a sort of "Hot or Not?" for  
coffee. It seems to me this would take a lot of work. Anyone web- 
savvy enough to comment on it?
Scot "better at dreaming than doing" Murphy
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4) From: Aaron Peterson
On 4/24/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:
Wouldn't be too hard.  Obviously, more features = more time and
effort.  But the minimal app would be a very small project I think. 
Perhaps I'll work up a prototype if I get some free time soon.
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

5) From: Les
Hey dudes and dudettes,
You need to read Tom's cupping notes!  It has been done in the coffee
write ups he does.  I like bourbon coffee.  If it is a bourbon I order
it.  If it has "Cat" in it, I am careful.  The "Cat" hybrids are not
my favorite.  Tom says chocolate, I tend to order.  If you don't like
bright coffee and Tom cups it at a 10 you are not going to like it no
matter who rants and raves about it.  Me I like most brightness
numbers above 9.  I also like a good balanced coffee.  I enjoy any
good coffee.  Some I have developed a taste for.  Keep a log of what
your likes are.  Compare them to Tom's write-ups and you will find
similar coffee you like.  I enjoy a good Sumatra as a change of pace. 
My daughter complained that she wished it was our mainstay!  Different
tastes for different folks!
On 4/24/06, Aaron Peterson  wrote:
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6) From: Scot Murphy
On |Apr 24, at 11:32 PM|Apr 24, Les wrote:
Hello Les!
What I was saying, and what others might feel, is that their personal  
tastes don't match Tom's notes. I remember a Boquete once that Tom  
had said was clean, reminiscent of a Kona, something like that; I  
tasted a wonderful plumlike strain in it and wondered why Tom hadn't  
mentioned it. And like some here have said, they got no blueberry at  
all from Harar Lot 30; I got it, but have had other crops that tasted  
more blueberryish to me.
My idea, and I hope Aaron or others can bring some expertise to it,  
is that consumers such as us could add our own observations into a  
database that would work like the CoffeeCorral Coffee Matrix that 2-T  
Scott told us about. What you could do, then, is follow the trends of  
roasters whose tastes match yours and then take their advice on beans  
you haven't tried into account. If I saw a couple of people who  
really liked the Matadakad but thought the Pico de Tucan was  
unimpressive, and they were impressed with an Elbonian SHB Grade AAA  
Caturra, I'd be inclined to buy it. On the other hand, someone who  
thought the Pico de Tucan was "buttery" and really liked a Moldavian  
Highlands Bourbon would warn me away from that Moldavian.
Tom is absolutely the best coffee taster I have ever heard of, but  
sometimes my tastes just don't match his. A database, a "wiki" of  
sorts, that we could all add to would be a great resource.
Scot "and I don't even ask for royalties" Murphy
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sudden usurpations."
	- -James Madison

7) From: Chuck the Coffee-Geek
Don't sell yourself short Peter.  You may indeed still be completely 
wierd!  At least about that Kona crack anyway, thats what pushed you 
over the edge in my book...
I have a hard time keeping track of the list, most of the time, so it 
doesn't really surprise me that I never saw a response about the coffee 
swap.  My appologies if it was posted and I missed it.  Can you tell me 
how you liked the Blue Batak?
I ask now, because I have switched to a RKDrum, and prolonging second 
crack is almost as significant as my change to home roasting from store 
bought was.  I'll admit my pallet has matured a bit since I starting 
home roasting, but I swear its a night and day difference!  I will be 
roasting my remaining Blue Batak as soon as the sun shines again (fair 
weather roaster  -  I know...) and I'd be happy to send you a bit from 
my new roasting method if you want to do a comparison.  I need your 
address again though.
Let me know!  BTW - I have never found as much chocolate in coffee as 
you pulled out of that Poco Fundo.  In case you missed mine as well, 
this is what I wrote:
"Peter Z sent me some fantastic Brazil Poco Fundo.  Roasted to a FC+ in 
his PGR it was a remarkably even roast and virtually chaff free.  I sent 
him some Blue Batak and I know what came out of my Alpinrost didn't look 
anywhere as good as this.  Peter, however you cool your beans, it really 
cleans off the chaff great! This is my first time trying the Poco Fundo 
and it is FULL of chocolate.  I'm guessing this is no accident.  Peter 
knows how get the chocolate out of this one.  I tried it in a Krups Moka 
Brew and also found a bit of wine and fruit in there too.  Really nice 
balance.  I also tried it as a espresso and a cappuccino as well.  The 
fruit diminished to just a hint of sweetness and the rest was buttery 
chocolate.  It was a good SO espresso, but a bit one dimentional.  I'll 
definately be ordering some of this for espresso blending.  As a 
cappuccino, the milk enhances the buttery side of the chocolate.  Really 
I read Tom's review after writing the above, and I didn't get the nutty 
flavor he talked about, but that may be because this was a FC+ roast.  
It doesn't surprise me though, Tom always gets more out of his coffees 
than I am capable of tasting.  What I thought was wine and fruit Tom 
describes as plum and raisin, and thats as close as I ever get to what 
Tom tastes."
Sorry for ignoring the list for so long, but I get tired of computers 
from time to time.  I support them for a living.  This is my excuse for 
avoiding my email for so long:   http://noreaster.lpane.net/    sorry 
about that.  On the up side, it looks like we will set a new record for 
the largest LAN party in NE.  Yes, I am a SERIOUS geek, in almost 
everything I do.  We will have over 400 people as this thing...
Anyway,  cheers!
constantly amazed at the sh!t I can pull off...
Peter Zulkowski wrote:

8) From: Les
That is the problem.  "What I was saying, and what others might feel,
is that their personal
tastes don't match Tom's notes."
Who is to say, my notes would match yours?   We all have different
tasters!  I hate to be an arrogant SOD, (son of a doctor), but if you
don't get Blueberry from the Harar lot 30 there is something wrong
with your roaster, technique, or sniffer!  I was upset with Tom on the
Pacamara raves, until I let it rest for 3 days.  Then I got the flavor
explosion!  Tom's new flavor wheel seems better to me than the CC
matrix.  I get different tastes than Tom too.  One of the problems is
he cups the coffee.  The old French press brew without the press! 
Brew technique really changes a coffee too.  I did three different
brew methods yesterday of the Brazil Cup of Exc. #13 Nazareth Dias
Pereira, just to see what the flavor differences were. They were
dramatic.  The French Press was a lot like Tom's cupping notes.  The
KBM brought out some depth and chocolate.    It wasn't until I did a
Chemex brew that the " Cup flavors have a strong jasmine tea
character." that Tom talked about were tasted by me.  Maybe I will
pull some shots tomorrow just to see!  The big point is my wife
couldn't believe that it was the same coffee.  So, what brew method? 
I did a light  city roast of the Sumatra TimTim Blangili Longberry
because Tom said, " I liked my really light City roasts too, but I
think most people will prefer the roast-taste development of FC
better."  He was right!  I like the FC much better!  The light city is
good, but......there again, what roast level?  Going back to the Harar
Lot 30 my guess is those that don't have blueberry are over roasting. 
So as much as I would like your system Scot, I think we are stuck
figuring this stuff out on an individual basis.  The more one works
with one type of coffee the more you can find that sweet spot as well.
 A big problem is we are so spoiled with so many coffees, it is hard
to work with one coffee until we find that sweet spot or spots.  I
will share an insight that has helped me get it right more often.  In
the last two years I buy mostly Typica and Bourbon coffees.  I find
that my profiles get me to the sweet spot more often than not with
those two.
On 4/24/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:
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