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Topic: Mazzer major arrived ALSO in unoperational condition! (8 msgs / 170 lines)
1) From: Dennis Parham
welll my Mazzer major just arrived and it TOO is un-operational...  
sheesh ... espresso machine FAEMA still nto working ( waiting on  
parts) and now my major not working.. any suggestions??  when I first  
pulled it out and removed packing material it seemed to start... then  
I put on the lids to hopper and a couple of beans and then it just  
went CLICK and then I can hear a hum but nothing spinning... power  
supply short?? I made sure ( when unplugged ) that the burrs and  
everything moved freely.. ... but no grind today.. sheesh....
Dennis....  back to my ROCKY and KRUPS for now!! SHEESH!

2) From: Peter Zulkowski
Sorry about your bad luck. My Major did not work because of a bad start  
BTW, you engage the start cap by turning the switch past the on 
position, like starting a car!
It returns to the run position by itself.
Hope this helps,
Dennis Parham wrote:

3) From: Steven Van Dyke
Sorry to hear about your (continued) problems.
1) Tip your mailman / UPS / FedEx guys.
2) Have things sent somewhere else.  *Anywhere* else - sounds like it wou=
be better to know that it's working somewhere than dead on your doorstep.=
3) Maybe you're lucky and you're just not getting all the way over to the=
START position?
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4) From: Dennis Parham
yup... I have used them before... but this one doesnt work... are  
they hard to disassemble?? have not looked at it closely yet..
Dennis P
On Apr 24, 2006, at 4:11 PM, Peter Zulkowski wrote:

5) From: raymanowen
INOP Major? It has just one start/ run cap, hence the warning not to run it
more than 30 minutes at a time. There is a latching contactor that pulls in
when you turn the switch to the start position. It stays latched and the
motor runs as long as you leave the switch On.  No Duh?
The On/ Off switch only handles the tiny current to the contactor coil.
There is a switch in the doser that will only allow the coil to pull in the
contactor and run the motor as long as the doser ground coffee level is low=
If that switch is misadjusted or something foreign is activating it, the
motor won't run. That switch could be connected to automatically start the
grinder. Nice for a busy shop, but who needs it at home?
If you ordinarily fill the hopper and the doser is full, a busy shop would
distract you from the grinder. If you meant to shut it off after a few
seconds but don't, you rapidly have a Hellacious Coffee Mess (HCM) and wast=
precious beans. It could alter your perspective if you do that at Homer.
I have no doser, so I can't describe the switch, but it should be obvious.
If something is holding the switch operated, the motor can't run, no matter
what. If one of the 2 wires has come off the switch, same, same. If you fin=
the 2 wires and wire nut them together, the On/ Off switch will be the only
control point.
Better yet, you could just reroute one of the two wires from the switch
directly to the contactor.
There is no start winding in the motor- it's a two phase job, with the
second phase being fed by the permanent start/ run cap. Lots of torque-
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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6) From: James House
I plugged in mine after receiving it, exploded, literally.   Loud pop under
the grinder, smoke, debris.  I removed the bottom plate and someone
accidentally, when screwing the bottom plate (center screw) back to the
grinder, caught up several wires.
On 4/24/06, raymanowen  wrote:

7) From: Dennis Parham
hehehe ...well it pretty much goes to that position on its own.. then  
I twist it and I head a "CLICK" and a quiet hummmmmmm  but nothing  
spinning... and in the doser there is a little contact switch too  
prevent bean over grinding out of the hopper.. if I pull up on it  
then the motor goes off ....  Maybe something is caught in it and  
preventing it to spin.... they said they are immediately ending me  
another one out ad to box this one up and they are sending a packing  
slip with UPS to pick up this grinder.... so if I fix it in the next  
day.. Ill cal lthem.. otherwise.. Ill just wait another week... and  
get one working... :-)
On Apr 24, 2006, at 4:47 PM, Steven Van Dyke wrote:

8) From: raymanowen
Sounds pretty good, Dennis. Who's the seller? Oops- I forgot- the Chancello=
of the Exchequer told me not to do this. If the price is right, I'd love to
PalPay them and have you send the errant Major my way.
Vast Idea; fractionally-Vast Plan.
The "CLICK" was the contactor pulling in. The capacitor could have gone to
sleep or a wire came loose since the last time it ran.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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