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Topic: Homeroasting Software (AKA: Re: New Hottop and Datta logging) (5 msgs / 165 lines)
1) From: Jeremy DeFranco
     Alright, does anyone know the deal with "Coffee Trails"? Apparently it
was supposed to be a big secret, but I noticed it was already in the
archives. I was wandering if a "release" version will ever be released. I
would be willing to pay for a well functioning program. Beta version just
has too many kinks. I noticed it was released in 2003! Is the "release" eve=
going to be released??? By the way, I've gotten so fed up with naively
assuming roasting software will eventually come to me that I have decided t=
begin a journey in learning computer programming- just in case. I have begu=
with the goal to learn the ins and outs of Excel Visual Basic. After that,
who knows... By the way, does anyone know how a "coffee trails" type progra=
is to be made- i.e.- if I figure out Visual Basic, can I make a program lik=
that (of course over a long period of time), OR will I need to learn other
skills as well, and if so, what else must I learn?
     I am happy with my real-time datalogging settup, but I just don't have
a good record-keeping software. I might have to just end up getting a
Phidget for this new software I plan to create. I would love to create a
roast log--slash-- cupping log--slash--real-time temp. grapher--I'll see
what I can do (if anyone else doesn't get there before hand... : ) )Plus I
am going to do this just because I want to see if I can.  My first goal is
to create a Roast log program up to par with "coffee trails". I think a goo=
roast log and cupping log in software format is key for every home roaster.
I am satisfied with my Madgetech real-time settup, although I do think it
was a bit overpriced, and it does require a bit of an effort to get the
results I desire (I have to export first into excel, and then into a specia=
graphing program to get acceptable graphs, and compare different roasts,
then I record all my data in a tacky excel datasheet). I could have more
respect for the company, though- those chumps like to make their own
half-ass software, and don't really care about making customers happy with
purchases...Only problem is all datalogger companies are the same that
way.... Man, the future of homeroasting is software!
      By the way, Aaron, thanks for the pics on setting up the Thermocouple
in the iRoast2- Ingenious! It's awesome, because my first and second cracks
are occurring at EXACTLY the temps on SM website (roast progress pictorial)=
Anyway, thanks to anyone in advance who may answer any questions about what
route/s I need to take as far as what I need to learn in order to create
this sucker.... Peace, Jeremy

2) From: Jason Molinari
DJ Garcia wrote a fantastic Access database for
logging and cataloguing. I don't know the web page,
but it has definitely been posted a few times.
--- Jeremy DeFranco  wrote:

3) From: Dan Bollinger
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If you are doing datalogging now, you should have what you need.  Most =
loggers will export values into a comma separated delimited (CSV) file, =
which can be imported into Excel for comparison with other logs.  Some =
will simlutaneously save values being sent to the datalogger, but you =
must select this before the roast begins.   Dan

4) From: Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks
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5) From: DJ Garcia
OK, looks like I'm late here :-)
Maybe I need to add an import function to make it easy to create a bunch
of readings with one copy / paste action from Excel into the DB?

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