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Topic: Had my VERY first espresso today! (6 msgs / 266 lines)
1) From: an iconoclast
I figured I'm not going to get to MiKe's or Mike's (just plain) soon
and I was just ready to try it.  We had to go to town today for an
appointment, so before I left I looked up the locations of Stumptown
Coffee.  After the appointment we stopped in.  I told the Barista I
have never had an espresso before and wanted to try one.  He bought a
double esspresso for me!  What a nice guy.  Then there was some
mumbling from his co-worker about being a "pusher".
It was good...but I don't really drink coffee for the caffeine and
there wasn't much there.  So next on the reader board was a machiato.
I inquired as to the ingredients and said I'd try a double, but decaf.
I had a meeting later and didn't want to be too wired after getting up
early and enjoying the last of my SM CR Select PB stash during the
Now, I REALLY liked the machiato!  The commenting co-worker made a
beautiful design with the foamed milk. I took the little spoon that
came with it and scraped up every bit of lucious brown foam I could.
Now I have to research milk foamers!
And to top it off I got my order from SM's today, just in time to
roast some up for our guests coming on Saturday.  I used to work with
her and he is a retired coffee roaster from Boyd's Coffee!
Now I have to figure out what to roast from the new beans.  Of course,
I want to wow them.  So, if you have any feedback on the following,
I'd love to hear it.
Brazil Carmo de Minas - Aprocam
Uganda Organic Bugisu
Guatemala Fraijanes - Finca Agua Tibia
Ethiopian Hara WP Decaf
Java WP Decaf
Zambia AA+ Lupili Estate
Brazil Organic Camocim - Yellow Icatu
Sumatra Classic Mandheling
Peru Organic El Guabo
Guatemala Coban FTO Maragogype
Yours, in coffee heaven.

2) From: Les
I would go with the Brazil Yellow Icatu
and the Bugisu  You can post roast blend them if you want.  That
should Wow your blah roaster!
By the way, the best milk foamer is a good HX machine espresso
machine.  It would be a great multitasker for you.
Even though Stumptown is great, you can do better at home!
I just got the Harar Decaf and am roasting tonight!  It should be good!
On 4/27/06, an iconoclast  wrote:
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3) From: Barry Luterman
It's true I used to think Stumptown's Hair Bender was the best Espresso to 
be had. Then I started home roasting Tom's Monkey Blend and never looked 
back.When I am in Portland I look forward to Stumptown but the bottom line 
is now mine is better.

4) From: rnkyle
Brazil Organic Camocim - Yellow Icatu
Sumatra Classic Mandheling

5) From: Robert Avery
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I like the Bugisu and the Hara for the decaf folks. You might want to =
think about what you are getting yourself into having your friends try =
your coffee. You will get things like .... Ummmm ! taste better than =
Starbucks, Wow ! can you roast me some of this special coffee ???? I'll =
take a pound. Next thing you know you start having delusions of grandeur =
of sitting in your own little coffee shop and people not having enough =
room to park .... just standing in line trying to get your special Blend =
???? Isn't life wonderful ??? Have fun .. what's surprising is the fact =
that your not even being a good home Barista yet .... your coffee will =
taste better than what folks are paying $4 dollars plus for at SB. Take =
care , Bob

6) From: raymanowen
My VERY 1st espresso drink was about 9+ years ago. Didn't leave me waiting
for my next-
Advance Token seven years. Still not on prowl for espresso. I assumed Carol=
knew how to brew them in '97, and it positively wasn't my cup of java. or
Daz-Bog roasted locally, but not in-situ. It's just me, uncultured and
What do the D-B cuppers have for pride in their work- I guess they don't
roast. They're certainly not the brewers. Consumers are just whipped around
like the water skiers at the end of a tow line. It's a hopeless exercise
when the feedback loop is open.
I really got to questioning the veracity of several posts (and posters) whe=
they crowed about some fantastic shots of espresso. Then I really got
interested when PID temperature controllers were discussed- who needs to
control a dynamic process that closely, I wondered.
After reading and pondering, I thought espresso is nothing but another way
to brew coffee. One can do it with care the right way, or there are lots of
good ways to wreck the brew.
The latter is your cuppa when you depend on anyone but John at Baroness or
Herb at Novo Coffee (get closer) to pull a shot for you around here. Why do
other Baristi act like ill-trained employees- could it be..?
Cheers and 73 -RayO, aka Opa!
Used Scott's 20 on the Mazzer for this Yirg- OH, BABY ! ! !

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