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Topic: Kenya Auction Lot 705 -Gaturine Peaberry (8 msgs / 115 lines)
1) From: Wesley Simon
Has anyone tried this yet?  I'll be roasting some tomorrow.

2) From: ConradArms
Yes, I've roasted these  

3) From: Don Cummings
I've only done a sample batch. I didn't adjust for the size of the beans an=
it went to FC++  when I was aiming for City +/FC.  I roasted a lot of the
character out of the bean.  Try to pull just before 2nd.
On 5/2/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:

4) From: Tom Ogren
My favorite roast of this coffee went to an early FC+. Using my
Poppery II, I needed to take the roast that far to impart enough body
and low end to satisfy my tastebuds. I know Tom Owen said that, in his
opinion, taking it this far made this great Kenya into a good Kenya,
but this was well beyond good, in my humble opinion. My C+ was just
too high end for my tastes (I probably dumped the beans too soon
though...I'm still fairly new at this.)
With my FC+ roast, I think I lucked out and struck a perfect balance
between roast flavor and brightness. As I recall, second crack was
"waxing"  (more than "5 or 10 snaps" but not yet rolling super-fast).
The result was a beautifully symmetrical kind of brew, toasty-sweet
with a nice bright, clean finish.
The Kenya 405 is just as described...understated and mellow for a
Kenya. It's a nice crowd pleaser sort of coffee and I took some to
work today. The crowd seemed pleased. The Gaturine though...I think it
can be a genuine rock-star coffee once you find the roast you like.
The roast I like, I happen to LOVE.
~Tom in VA
On 5/2/06, Don Cummings  wrote:

5) From: Aaron Peterson
On 5/2/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:
I like it quite a bit.  I've overroasted this one, and also done a
city+ roast.  The overroast wasn't very good obviously.  It killed
most of the character like Don said.  The city+ is very good.  It is
bright like zn orange, but subdued enough to be enjoyable that way. 
It doesn't scream lemon rind at me like the 622.  I almost can't drink
that at any roast level it seems.
Aaron Peterson
Versailles, KY

6) From: Don Cummings
I can believe that FC+ is very good.  I actually tend to prefer my roasts o=
the dark side of the recommended spectrum.  Unfortunately I missed FC+. I
was surprised by the speed it hit rolling second.  One second I was asking
myself 'are those 2nd pops?'  and by the time I confirmed that they were an=
then dumped it was rolling and the beans were oily.  Still very good, it
just didn't my socks off. Luckily I have a few more batches left to roast.
On 5/2/06, Tom Ogren  wrote:

7) From: Jeremy DeFranco
I took the Gaturine 705 to a Full City+, and got a lemon zinger! I love thi=
coffee, but I'll have to admit, it kind of grew on me (albeit, very fast).
It is very clean and smooth, and the aroma is flowery, yet the cup still ha=
a fruity lemonesque quality to it, with red-wine notes as well- very nice.
It actually took a couple days for the lemon to come out, though. This
coffee might be good roasted as a half City+ or Full City--- half Full City=
blend. I think the Full city+ is very nice for this coffee. It holds up wel=
and rewards you with nice body, subtle bass notes, and hints of chocolate-
which goes to make a very complex final cup, taking into account the flower=
aroma and lemon zing as well. I will have to try this one at City+, though.
I wander if that might be a more crisp cup. I also wander if there are some
flavors the darker Full City+ has masked at all. I highly recommend this
one.  Jeremy

8) From: Tom Ogren
I have not lost hope that I can produce a great C+ that I will enjoy. I'll
definitely try. I'm just really pleased at the quality of the FC+. My
earlier "C+" attempt was probably more of a C. I suspect the high citrus
notes had not developed to a point that I could differentiate orange rind o=
lemon. It all ran together in one huge bright bang. I am convinced I got th=
last five pounds of this stuff (I think it was gone the next morning when I
checked the site...I felt like the kid with the cookie!)
On 5/2/06, Don Cummings  wrote:
. I

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