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Topic: Tradition Offering - Zass/Trosser - WINNER (8 msgs / 166 lines)
1) From: David Yeager
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!
Tom Ogren will choose ONE (1) of the following:
	Zass Mill (square), or
	Zass Knee Mill (rectangular), or
	Armin Trosser Mill (square), or
	Armin Trosser Mill (also square).
Tom previously indicated an inclination towards a knee mill.  So, 
unless he changes his mind, he will be the new owner of a gorgeous 
Zass #170 Knee Mill.  Congratulations, Tom!
I said that if there were 50 participants I would add a second prize.
There were only 46 folks in the drawing.  But, hey, that's close enough....
Sooo, the second grinder will be chosen by -  an iconoclast!   Congratulations!
Tom please let me know your choice and your mailing address.
"Ann," I have your address, so I'll just need your choice after Tom 
has declared his.
Numbers gathered from random grandsons were used to seed a random 
selection process.
The names were *not* alphabetized, repeat, *not* alphabetized.
"Alphabetism" is such an insidious form of discrimination, especially 
for near-sighted boys who have to sit in the back of the classroom 
just so the attendance nazis can have an easy time of doing their 
job!!!    >:-o
But, don't get me started.  X;{
Not that I'd know, or anything....       ;-)
David Y

2) From: James House
Congratulations winners!  And thank you David for your kindness and
On 5/5/06, David Yeager  wrote:

3) From: Tom Ogren
Here I was way overdue for a stroke of good fortune, when lo and
behold...you showed up bearing gifts! Now I can be the Master of
Dis-Zass-ster! We must not be in Kan-Zass anymore Toto. OK that'll do. I
would be thrilled to receive the Zass Knee Mill from you! I've heard so muc=
about Zass mills on here and elsewhere, but have never used one. I can't
think of a finer way to obtain one's first manual coffee mill than a
Tradition Offering!
Kindly thank your grandsons for their wise, wise random selections. Clearly
they are lads of the most forthright sort...Ivy League bound for certain,
and such fine manners, not to mention their top-notch hygienic regimens!
They must take after their Grandad!
In all seriousness...Thanks again for the tradition offering. As I recall,
it came at a time when the list was in need of some positive vibes. I was
new at that time...still am really, but was struck by the gesture. I'm
doubly-struck now! I will tend the mill with care. Thanks again.
~Tom Ogren in VA
On 5/5/06, James House  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
As KC and the Sunshine Band sing it,
Zass da way (uhuh uhuh) I Like it (uhuh uhuh)
On 5/5/06, Tom Ogren  wrote:
Brett Mason

5) From: Michael Wascher
Yea, but some of us liked to be in back, out of sight!
COngrats Tom & Ann, and thank you David. It was a great tradition!
On 5/5/06, David Yeager  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

6) From: an iconoclast
On 5/5/06, David Yeager  wrote:
I am so happy!  Thanks, David.  It was an awesome tradition offering.
I've sent my reply to your personal email address also that I will
take the remaining Zass.
What a week!  I sold 8 lbs of roasted coffee, got my web site up and
going, a customer used the feedback form and it worked!  The evening
and black-headed grosbeaks have arrived, the hummingbirds are coming
in herds, I go on vacation in 3 days (staying home here in paradise,
which Stephen Colbert profiled on the Colbert Report Thursday night)
and now I have a new grinder!  This must be heaven.
Thank you,

7) From: David Yeager
On 5/6/06, Tom Ogren  wrote:
Kindly thank your grandsons for their wise, wise random selections. Clearly
I will tell them that the Wizard of Virginia said such fine things of them,
knowing that they will surely live up to such greatness.  If that doesn't
work, I'll lay that "Master of Dis-Zass-ster" line on them.   He-heh.  :^)
Congrats, Tom
That little beauty is in fine hands; I can tell.

8) From: Tom Ogren
Wow David! The knee-mill arrived yesterday afternoon and was waiting for me
when I got home. The box was snuggled up on the doorstep atop a second box
(from Sweet Marias) with a couple pounds of Sumatra Iskandar and my shiny
new Moca Sorrento 2 oz. cups. Perfect! I used the Zass this morning for the
first time. This beautiful mill is stamped "ZASSI" on the bottom, so I need
not come up with my own term of endearment! The grind is astonishing. I
didn't know it could be like this! As an espresso newbie, I was aware of th=
importance of the grind after having read so much about it. My thrift store
Mr. Coffee burr mill ($6) produced a few (bad) espresso shots through my
newly acquired Espresso Gaggia, but I knew the machine was worthy of a
better grind, and now I have the finest. Thanks again David for your
generosity. The mill is gorgeous, in superb condition and came to me dialed
in for a perfect espresso grind. And how nice that the bean chamber holds
exactly enough for a double espresso! Wonderful!
On 5/12/06, David Yeager  wrote:

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