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1) From: Don Cummings
I just got done roasting my first batch of the Matadakad. I pulled at the
first signs of 2nd crack. Looks to be at around City +/FC. Seemed to hit it
at about 20 degrees less than I am used to.  Is this due to the size of the
bean?  What do you guys/gals think of this bean?  I won't know until the

2) From: Scot Murphy
On |May 5, at 10:56 PM|May 5, Don Cummings wrote:
Anyone who's read my reports on the North Bloomington Matadakad knows  
I think highly of it. I just ordered 10 pounds, and might have  
ordered 20 had I the finances. :)  Waiting until tomorrow? Give it  
another day or two. It really develops deeply over two to four days.  
I'd almost say it's the best generic coffee out there in that while  
it lacks fruity, bright, or floral characteristics, it has robust,  
full, smooth, caramelly, nutty flavors. It's a *soothing* coffee.  
When you want to kick back, savor, breathe deeply, and really enjoy  
your coffee, this is excellent for it.
Don't be surprised if it doesn't hit its stride tomorrow. The day  
after and the day after that will be better.
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3) From: Les
SHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  This is one of the best Indian coffees Tom has ever
gotten.  I ordered two pounds, but I need to get the India section of
the stash down before I order again.
On 5/5/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>

4) From: Tara Kollas
Ooh - I haven't ordered in a while, so I'm going to have to bite on this
On 5/6/06, Les  wrote:

5) From: Don Cummings
On 5/6/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:
I just brewed my pot with a pourover.  Your description is right on.  The
caramel and nut really stood out over a non-acidy but well-balanced cup. I'=
not sure where Tom got "funky" in his cup. I tasted only classic coffee wit=
that wonderful caramel.  Even my wife tasted the caramel in this pot. (Now
that's saying something.) I felt like I was in a candy commercial: "You got
caramel in my peanut . . . No, you got peanut in my caramel!"
Now where I got 'funk' was in the Gaturine Peaberry.  I over-roasted that
bean, took all of the high notes out and was left with a very deep earthy
almost mushroomy taste.  I thought I might have imagined it but when the
batch was gone that 'funky' aroma was still in the bag.

6) From: J.W.Bullfrog
Les wrote:
Les, does Tom give you free coffee to push this stuff while he is out of 
town?? ;-)
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exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will 
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7) From: Matt Durell
--- "J.W.Bullfrog"  wrote:
There might be something to this theory...  I ordered the 8 lbs sample pack a
few weeks ago and it arrived with 2 lbs of this bean.  Maybe they are
overstocked? ;-)
Seriously though, it's a good bean and it was the first I did my first non-Ugh
roast with last week.  I did the first 1/3rd lb. batch to a french roast (read
burnt) for a friend and the next 2/3rds to a FC+.  I tried it the next day and
didn't care for the roast level at all.  It was good coffee but it was a bit to
lingering for me.  In fact it lingered in my mouth for hours.  I gave those
batches away to more friends that like darker roasts and took a very small
batch to a city-city+ roast and tested it the next day.  This time it was MUCH
I have a surplus of roasted coffee waiting for me to finish so I probably won't
get back to roasting more for at least a week and I'll see if I can have some
linger around for a 3+ day rest to see how this effects the flavor.  3+ days is
an eternity for a beginner...
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8) From: Don Cummings
I didn't want to post this until I ordered my five pounds but I finished a
cup at 72 hours rest a little while ago and I am happy.  Very happy.  What =
smooth, well-balanced cup.  The caramel and nut is very pronounced and such
a delicious addition to the cup.  As it cooled these flavors became even
more evident.
Now here's the question.  I roasted this to the first hints of 2nd but once
it was bagged I realized it was very light (at least compared to other bean=
that I have roasted to the beginnings of 2nd.)  My goal for the roast was
FC+ but based on color I would have to call it City +.  My question is: did
I luck into the sweet spot for this bean? or can it be better at FC+ like
Tom suggests?  This question is academic as I will have ample opportunity t=
find out as I work my way through my total of 7 lbs.
Once again I have to make room at the top of my favorites list.
Since I was placing an order I just had to add a couple lbs each of the
Carmen 1800 and a Papua New Guinea Kimel.  I had to get the PNG based on Ke=
David's raves on Coffeereview.

9) From: Les
First off, you need to find YOUR sweet spot.  I usually like my roast
a bit lighter than Tom's suggested roast.  That is just me.  The
lighter the roast (within reason), the more varietal flavor is a
general rule of thumb.  I love the caramel and nut flavor of this
coffee too.  I found that it does roast a bit lighter in color than
the true roast may indicate.  This would be the opposite of most Kenya
coffee that is darker in appearance than the roast would indicate. 
Just kind of proves the point, color isn't always the most reliable
indicator of roast.  I would be very cautious of Ken David's reviews. 
He is more of a writer than a cupper.  That said the Kimel is one
outstanding coffee.
On 5/8/06, Don Cummings  wrote:
t a

10) From: Don Cummings
On 5/8/06, Les  wrote:
This is the first time I have ordered according to his buzz.  In this case
the buzz was about PNG coffees in general.  I realized that I hadn't tried
one so I decided to give one of Tom's a shot.
As far as depth of roast is concerned:  I was thinking about this tonight.
When I began roasting I tended to go darker than recommendations (or at
least I went to the upper end of recommendations.)  Of late, I usually go
lighter.  I have developed such a taste for the origin characteristics of
the individual beans that I always try to maximize them.  It used to be tha=
when I heard the start of 2nd my thought would be "ok, almost done." Now I
rarely get to second.
I chuckle now when I peruse the site of one of Tom's competitors (URE) and
see that every one of their recommended roasts says 'best at Full City
+/Vienna'.  Makes me wonder.

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