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1) From: Fiona in PDX
Hello everyone,
  I am new to the world of roasting.  I have read posts on this list for about 4 weeks and have gained a lot of information.  I Inherited an I Roast from a friend (who hooked me on home roasting) and now I have successfully under-roasted and over-roasted 2 pounds of coffee.  I don't think I have a grasp of the programming and the end result.  My friend made it seem so easy, though, I only saw him roast 3 times.  He is now in Korea so I am on my own.  I think I would like to use a drum type roaster over this electronic hair dryer.  I am the type of cook who likes to do things by the feel and taste, so, I am thinking a BBQ or other type of drum might work better for me.  I saw the RK drum man's site but I am a bit nervous about the hot, hot, hot metal and trying to negotiate dumping the beans in a timely manner.  Any suggestions?  I like the lower price DIY stuff that I see going on in this roasting community.  Very innovative and creative individuals.  I am not that creative
 or innovative. :(
  Happy Coffee,
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2) From: Oaxaca Charlie
--- Fiona in PDX  wrote:
< snip>
  I think I would like to use a drum type roaster
 I drilled a hole in a piece of wood, to fit on the non
motor end of the rod for the drum. I grab this end without
a glove when dumping my roasted beans. I use a welder's
glove for holding the other end, and there is no danger of
getting burned.
                                         Oaxaca dreamin'
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3) From: an iconoclast
On 5/7/06, Fiona in PDX  wrote:
 I am the type of cook who likes to do things by the
Heatgun/Dog Bowl/BBQ side burner is very Zen-like.  You can control
every aspect of it and watch the birds at the same time.
I put my double-walled dog bowl with mesh colander on the side burner
of my BBQ grill.  The heatgun hangs from the side of the BBQ grill
hood held in place with a bag of green beans in a gallon ziplock bag,
pointed down into the bean filled colander.  The tip of the HG is 1 to
1.5 inches from the beans aimed towards the side of the colander. I
start with the side burner on high and the HG about 850 degrees. I use
a wire whisk and wear garden gloves to stir.  Once first crack is
rolling, I decrease the HG temp to about 650.  After first crack is
finished I adjust the bottom heat to coast to just before second crack
for FC.  I can roast up to 1.75 lbs of greens per batch.
Works very well.  We're looking into a drum roaster as we're roasting
10 or more pounds per week.
Good luck,
Ann - Zigzag, OR

4) From: Brett Mason
Do you own a BBQ with a side burner?  Do you have a 12" skillet, or can you
get one at ta local thrift store?
Put it on full heat, put in a lb of means, then lift and fold them over
every 30 seconds, like folding over eggs...  15 mintes later you will have
enjoyed a roast with total sensory immersion.  I have done over 50lb this
way in the last two years.
Far and away my most favorite method, and the best way to join in the roast
process to understand the whole thing...  Very hard to mess up too!
Make sure you have a metal collander and a wooden spoon - you'll dump the
beans in here to stir and cool once they've roasted enough (and you want no
more heat on them).
On 5/7/06, an iconoclast  wrote:
Brett Mason

5) From: Aaron
Fiona.  you state you have an I roast.  Is this the Iroast 1 or 2?
Also you said you over and under roasted 2 pounds of coffee with the I 
roast.... no offense but that's a lot of times messing up.. the thing 
only does 6 ounces at a time max....
If you have an I roast 1.  try this profile... I find it pretty fool 
proof and it will do pretty much any coffee you got.
5.5 to 6 ounces MAX of green coffee... Id recommend 5.5 ounces here.
3 minutes at 380 Degrees
3 minutes at 400 or 405 degrees
1 to 1.5 minutes at 430 degrees.
If you want you can take your 3rd stage to 2 minutes for 8 minutes total 
but that will give you a fairly dark coffee..  Generally I listen for 
first crack to start and when it sounds like it's slowing down I hit the 
cool button.
That's 7 to 7 1/2 minutes TOTAL you need with it.
If this messes up with this profile then I suspect your machine might be 
Please feel free to E mail me either on list or off at 
beerbong if you have any other questions about the I 
roast.   I know the I roast 1 very well. for the 2.. someone else will 
have to help.

6) From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Juan_M._J=E1come?=
I also do the stovetop skillet rosting, and it gets me some fine coffee and
I have control over every aspect of the roast. I use a thick walled, small
size skillet with a glass cover so I can watch the whole process, and I
don't mind to stirr while roasting. This is by far the cheapest method, and
very easy to master and get great coffee!
2006/5/7, Aaron :

7) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 5/7/06, Juan M. Jácome  wrote:
ch the whole process, and I > don't mind to stirr while roasting.
How do you stir with the cover on? Do you remove it occasionally and
give the beans a swirl, then replace the cover? How long do your
roasts take, and how much of the time would you say you are stirring?

8) From: Spencer Thomas
If you really prefer to do it "by feel", I suggest trying wok
roasting.  There's a nice write-up on INeedCoffee:http://www.ineedcoffee.com/00/03/wok/,written by a long-time
participant on this list.  You don't have to use a wood fire, of
course!  You do need good ventilation, as a pound of coffee makes a
lot of smoke.
The entry cost is low, the technique is simple, and if you don't like
it, you can use the wok for stir-fry. :-)
On 5/7/06, Fiona in PDX  wrote:
m a
=Spencer in Ann Arbor
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9) From: =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Juan_M._J=E1come?=
Hey brian, actually the cover has a small vent hole in it, through wich I
placed a custom wire stirrer (is that even a word??), so I stirr all the
time with very little effort, and don't even need to wear mittens or
anything. I can take my roasts to any stage at almost any speed, say from 6
to 15 minutes to first crack, just have to watch the flame. I never measure
my beans (I'm too lazy!), but so far I've gotten pretty good results when
roasting. I can get pictures up if you want.
2006/5/8, Brian Kamnetz :

10) From: Brian Kamnetz
Great, I would love to see the pictures.
On 5/14/06, Juan M. Jácome  wrote:

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