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Topic: Harrar Horse Lot 19 (12 msgs / 139 lines)
1) From: Paul Sack
I missed out on the HH Lot 30 by just a few days, but this lot is  
incredible. It's actually the first HH I've ever roasted. I roasted it  
to City+ (until just after the end of the first crack). 12 minutes in  
the RK drum.
I didn't smell any blueberry during the roast and the roasted beans  
don't smell like blueberry. But the instant I started grinding them (2  
hours after roasting) the smell of blueberries filled the room, and  
the blueberry taste in the cup is unmistakeable when the cup is hot.  
As the cup cools down the blueberry is muted a bit and the caramel  
taste becomes stronger. I like it a bit better in a swiss-gold filter  
than a french press.
Get your orders in!

2) From: Wesley Simon
I just roasted some Lot 30 yesterday.  The blueberry smell was forming last
night.  I may try some with 24 hours rest.
On 5/8/06, Paul Sack  wrote:

3) From: James House
Paul what device are you using to brew?  I have very little knowledge in th=
drip department, I have a FP and an Ibrik though.
On 5/8/06, Paul Sack  wrote:

4) From: Paul Sack
I alternate between espresso machine, FP, and a one-cup swiss-gold  
pourover (that SM's sells). BTW, it helps a lot to preheat the FP and  
wrap it in a towel or something if you can. The pourover keeps the  
heat in much better because it's plastic, so it's a bit less fuss.  
I've found that good coffees can taste kind of boring if I don't keep  
the heat in with the FP.
Quoting James House :

5) From: James House
Thanks Paul, I might just order that single pour over.  I recently purchase=
an Aerobie and it will be interesting to compare these two 1-cuppers.
On 5/8/06, Paul Sack  wrote:

6) From: Paul Sack
Oh yeah, I also have an Aerobie that a friend gave me sitting in its  
box on the floor. I only used it twice. It did make a good cup. I  
should use it more.
Quoting James House :

7) From: James House
Great pics Dennis!
On 5/8/06, Dennis Parham  wrote:

8) From: Michael Dhabolt
Now thats art.
Mike (just plain)

9) From: Gary Townsend
Dennis Parham wrote:
Quit showing pictures of 'my' Livia ;-)
You get that Faema up & running yet?
"I may be wrong, but I'm never in doubt." MM

10) From: raymanowen
"...almost an espresso purist..." (How good does it get at 100%?)
Oh, Yeah- That's the best use- except for scrolling grandson desktop pix-
I've ever had for this monitor!
The Celtic Critic is happy when I shave an oz of Baker's unsweetened
chocolate into a La Pavoni mug with 2oz of milk and an oz of sugar.
Microfoam it and pull a double shot of L30 Horse into it. Makes quite a
drink, but I really like the Horse by itself.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?

11) From: raymanowen
"La Pavoni"
Bodum Pavina- close... ro
On 5/8/06, raymanowen  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Might=
Wichita WurliTzer- 1976

12) From: Michael Dhabolt
Sounds like the Celtic Critic has got it goin on.  There are times
when you come up with things that have just got to be tried........me
thinks this is one of em.  And it's just the right time of the evening
for it.
Mike (just plain)

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