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Topic: I hate roasting coffee (17 msgs / 320 lines)
1) From: Peter Zulkowski
I hate roasting coffee..
when there is no breeze..
to blow away the chaff.
Honestly, I just roasted a mixture of 350 gr of UGH, 130 gr of low 
quality Columbian, and 86 gr of Kona.
Nets me a pound of better-than-super-market-specialty-coffee what they 
call Kona :)
The chaff is horrendous.
No breeze, so when I hit the roast with the hair drier to cool it in 
less than 2 minutes, I had visions of one of those clear glass 'snow balls'.
You know the kind, you shake them up and it snows all over inside.
There I was, right in the middle, fighting a chaff storm.
Lots of chaff.
I never wanted to make a chaff collector. The wind just blows it away!
Now I need to roast some horse, but I am waiting until the wind picks up 
a bit, here in Lake Havasu.
Wondering why CA is still grayed out...

2) From: Woody DeCasere
can i ask why you are roasting that combo???
On 5/8/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

3) From: John Blumel
On May 8, 2006, at 5:20 pm, Peter Zulkowski wrote:
Wow. It's probably a good thing that Mike McKoffee isn't on the list  
these days or his head would literally have exploded on reading that.
John Blumel

4) From: Scott Marquardt
I think it's pretty reasonable. I mean, wouldn't it have been far worse if
he'd used, say, 180 or 260 grams of Kona with those other numbers?
On 5/8/06, John Blumel  wrote:

5) From: Aaron
Peter, why would you waste a good kona mixing it with that crap?
I know some folks would have a fit with you mixing kona to begin with, 
but with ugh?   Might as well buy yourself a nice juicy porterhouse 
steak, cook it medium rare then grind it up and mix it with cat food and 
eat it for dinner.
Just idle thoughts.

6) From: Peter Zulkowski
Soon after I began roasting coffee, a friend who loves supermarket Kona, 
wanted to try mine.
Well, he hated the real Kona.
So, I tried different blends with good stuff from Tom.
He was not HAPPY!
He insisted that I use good Columbian, and NOT Robusta.
I asked on the list how to duplicate the specialty coffee found in loose 
beans in grocery stores.
Someone mentioned that it was the worst dreck you could buy.
I was frustrated so I ordered the cheapest coffee I could find; you 
know, the really bad stuff is not available to us, just the big guys.
Anyway, I nailed it!
As a matter of fact, he likes my blend a bit better than what he can buy 
at the super store!
He was wrong about the robusta ;)
But it has to be the very worst. 
Thanks Tom for supplying such bad UGH!
John Blumel wrote:

7) From: Peter Zulkowski
Scott, I tried straight Kona... bad stuff...
This is a perfect blend :)
Scott Marquardt wrote:

8) From: Chuck the Coffee-Geek
I don't care how good your intentions were.  Thats just wrong.
That path to hell is paved with good intentions and bad coffee Peter!
Deal Lord, I pray you to forgive Peter of his Kona sins...
Peter Zulkowski wrote:

9) From: an iconoclast
On 5/8/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:
I use the fan below to cool my beans, but during the roast it also
blows on me. I got 20% off, so it cost me $8.  It tilts all the way to
horizontal and has 3 speeds.  I bought two.http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com/product.asp?order_num=-1&SKU=11138349Take care,

10) From: raymanowen
"...forgive Peter of his Kona sins..."    -or-    "...relieve Peter of his
Kona beans..." Not!
I'm just playing with words. A mind is a terrible thing...
Regarding the former- Says who? I couldn't seriously suggest the latter
Does there exist a Coffee Gestapo in the Silicon caves and 3.3 volt lightin=
of this list?
When you build a highway, there's a lot of fill with qualities different
from the surface where there's traffic. At least, the "path to hell is pave=
with" stuff that can take the alleged heat! Has to be- who'd take a melting
roadway? Hi-
At the end of it all, Peter will have the last laugh, because Tom doesn't
buy beans with the intention of selling them as UGH. Perhaps PZ will find a
way to recover the original quality.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
There must be a universal rule or formula- What is it?

11) From: Peter Zulkowski
Hi Ann,
Thanks for the tip :)
Today was really strange. It IS windy around here, and there was a 
breeze blowing when I started this batch.
As a matter of fact, there is so much wind between me and the mountains 
in California, about 50 miles away, that they are grayed out!
I never need a fan to help. It is *always* windy, or breezy. ( I bought 
a box fan, but never used it)
My next roast.. 680 gr of  horse #30 for me roasted to just 2nd crack, 
went just fine.
All the chaff blew quickly toward CA. I'll bet that some of it even got 
there  :)
I like that little fan though because I am not sure how I am going to 
cool my new roaster.
Even if I do small batches, the SS chamber weighs 3.5 lb, so that may 
hinder the cooling process.
It may happen that I will have to DUMP the beans in order to cool them 
quickly enough!!
Gloves even???
When I used a popper I just switched off the heater and let them 
circulate. Now I leave them agitating and cool them with a cool hair 
drier :)
Not sure how that will work cooling 3# or more of beans, plus the bowl.
Will let you know.. testing is imminent. :)
Life is just one experiment after another, here in LHC
an iconoclast wrote:

12) From: Don Cummings
On 5/8/06, an iconoclast  wrote:
Thank you Ann. I had no idea they were so cheap. I picked up the fan and th=
set of three mesh colanders to set on top for less than $25. Now I have
absolutely everything I could possibly need or want for this hobby.  Except=
perhaps, for a real espresso machine.  ;)

13) From: Peter Zulkowski
You are correct Ray.
Tom buys the best of the UGH.
Even he does not want to purchase a carload so he can get the really bad 
It leaves me wonder...
if you need bad coffee to make it good for someone who likes it that way..
does it make the coffee better to use good coffee??
To him it makes it bad.. but then I can't buy the really bad stuff.. so 
he has to suffer.
I do use good Kona though, and that really is a crime/sin... oh my gosh!
Would it be even 'better' if I substituted something that tastes 
'better' than Kona?
something other than Kona?
Would a super market supplier sell something called Kona that had no 
Kona in it?
Perhaps they just use a bean or two per pound...
or batch...
how big is a batch?
Has anyone but me ever tried to duplicate gourmet coffee??
The only way to tell if you have imitated it is to mix and blend and 
taste it.
If great beans do not work......
What is that bean that is so much less expensive, but is just as good 
(to some on this list) as Kona.
I used to know, but all that email has vanished.
All help and suggestions sincerely appreciated.
Almost out of real Kona, here in LHC.
raymanowen wrote:

14) From: Peter Zulkowski
Oh Don,
Thou shalt not challenge the coffee gods!
Patiently waiting to see... here in LHC.
Don Cummings wrote:

15) From: Peter Zulkowski
Oh Don,
Thou shalt not challenge the coffee roasting equipment gods!
Patiently waiting to see... here in LHC.
Don Cummings wrote:

16) From: Don Cummings
On 5/9/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:
No, this time I mean it. Really. No, really. There is nothing, absoluely
nothing, not one more thing, nada, that I could possibly want or need. I
mean it. Except perhaps . . . but . . . no, nothing. I think.
PS I plan to read no posts about Tom's trip to Panama.

17) From: Matt Durell
--- Woody DeCasere  wrote:
A $25/lb "eBay Kona Blend"? ;-)
I really hope it's because he likes and drinks this blend...
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