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Topic: Composting Chemex (5 msgs / 118 lines)
1) From: Jason Brooks
I try and compost most of my spent grounds.  I noticed this morning that
the unbleached Chemex filters are quite soft when wet.  For those who
compost, do you toss the whole, unbleached filter out too?  Or is it too
big to reliably/completely break down?
Jason Brooks
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2) From: Matt Durell
--- Jason Brooks  wrote:
Given enough time anything will break down...  Paper is supposed to be very
good for compost and is considered "brown".  I have read that a good mixture is
50/50 green/brown.
We compost brown paper bags, tissues, etc in our bin and, frankly, they break
down faster than some of the other stuff.  I think having acidic coffee grounds
will help the process along quite well too.
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3) From: Ed Needham
Paper is just wood pulp, pre-digested.

4) From: Steven Dover
You need 70% carbon to 30% nitrogen. Too much nitrogen {green} and it'll
stink like crazy. In order for it to "cook" properly you'll need enough
material to measure at least 3 to 4 feet thick/tall/wide. - Steve D.

5) From: Aaron
steve, I have a compost heap that is in a oh geez, maybe 100 quart 
container and it is doing well actually.  I don't produce enough bio 
waste (beer farts dont count or Id be powering half the state :D  ) to 
really have a huge compost pile, nor do I have the room for it.  To be 
honest Ive composted in a 30 gallon plastic trash can before with 
excellent results too.  Paper coffee filters work well and I am told 
that paper towels are useable too but I have not gone that far.  I dont 
want too much paper in my compost... thats just me though, and I dont 
use paper filters anymore for my coffee so no paper in mine.... anyways..
they sell mini composters which are essentially plastic containers to 
throw your bio waste into, but the prices of these things is insane 
generally and as I said, a trash can works the same for probably about 1 
/ 10th the price.
One thing I do ..do  (do do,,, sorry for the bio pun... groan)...  I do 
have a container that I let some fresh fruits and lettuce type stuff rot 
in, YES it DOES attract the bugs and is a bit stenchy at times..  There 
is a beatle out here, no idea what it is, but it produces larvae that 
look like big meal worms.  I have bearded dragons and various other 
reptiles and critters that I have rescued over the years, and feeding 
them gets expensive.  I don't like feeding them insects from outside 
because I have no idea what they got into or what kind of poisons they 
may contain.  The meal worms were essentially conceived born and raised 
in my compost heap so I KNOW they are clean, and every day I go grab a 
handful to feed the kids.  Given they are eating a wide variety of 
fruits and veggies too, they are also gut loaded, so are actually very 
good for the dragons.  I snap freeze them for a few minutes to ensure 
they are dead before feeding the lizards and they love em.  The sugar 
gliders love them too to be honest.  One of my compost heaps I threw a 
bunch of night crawlers into and they did a wonderful job in there until 
it started getting warmer out.... my neighbor would use them for rishing 

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