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Topic: VERY VERY OT: Request (5 msgs / 91 lines)
1) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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Hi, Everyone:
I have an extremely OT request/wish/question.  It occurred to me that 
this list has been helpful in so many ways, someone might be able to 
help me with this.
We just arranged to get a new little kitten who is just about two weeks 
old right now.  He will be ready to travel to us about the end of July 
or the beginning of August.  Because he will be so young and it might be 
so hot, we are concerned about him flying in the cargo part of the 
plane.  So -- I wonder if anyone might be flying from either Boise or 
Portland to somewhere in the upper midwest at the end of July or early 
to mid August.  We are in Minneapolis but could meet a plane anywhere 
about a day's drive from here. 
It is very easy to travel by plane with a kitten.  There is a fee, which 
we would, of course, pay.  The kitten would be in a soft carrier which 
fits under the seat.  The only piece that needs to be arranged is to be 
sure to get a reservation early enough, since some planes allow only one 
or two animals per flight in the plane itself.  Every kitty we've ever 
traveled with has always slept through the flight.
The breeder lives in Enterprise, Oregon and would be willing to send the 
kitty through Portland or Boise.
If this is a possibility for you or someone you know and trust, please 
contact me, off list.
I am grateful for the possibility of even asking about this.  Its kind 
of nuts, but we are a cool community, so...............
Thanks in advance for any help.
Barbara Greenspon

2) From: Michael Guterman
I am not a candidate, but I am curious.  What kind of kitten are you 
getting.  I have Tonkinese and Siamese.  I have always wanted to find a 
way to always have a kitten, but not end up with hundreds of cats.
Barbara C. Greenspon wrote:

3) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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Hi, Michael:  This kitty is a LaPerm, which is an extremely curly haired 
cat!  We already have a sphynx who we dearly love.  We are real cat 
people.  I can't wait to get this kitty.
Michael Guterman wrote:

4) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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I am sorry to have returned the note to Michael on list.  I neglected to 
check the return address.  Please forgive me!!
Barbara C. Greenspon wrote:

5) From: Michael Guterman
Barbara C. Greenspon wrote:
Cool.  We have four Tonkinese, a Siamese, and two generic tabbies.  We 
are very much cat people.  I almost got a Rex once.  Curly is neat.  We 
have three parrots, too.

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