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Topic: help - repair on an old starbucks zia espresso machine (14 msgs / 325 lines)
1) From: Maureen Azcoitia
now that we are roasting our own beans, we pulled out
our old starbucks zia espresso machine.  (we bought it
about 6 years ago and haven't used it in about 2
years)  it seems pretty clean, so we filled it with
water to see if it still works.  the heating element
still works but no water is coming out of the machine.
 i unscrewed it and checked the inside (i have no clue
what i am looking at).  i managed to get old water out
of two pliable tubes.  i tried the machine again and
nothing.  i don't think that it is taking in water. 
the connection between the water tank and the machine
seems fine.  any suggestions?  i like to think of
myself as mechanically inclined, but i don't know if i
can fix this myself.

2) From: Cameron Forde
I'm not sure about the Zia, but I have an Estro Profi which was later
rebadged by Starbucks.  The trick to getting the Profi to run is to
prime the pump by running water out the steam wand.  If that doesn'
solve the problem, hopefully someone else on the list will have a
better suggestion.
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3) From: James House
Chances are the machine needs to be descaled.
On 5/16/06, Cameron Forde  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
Not many pumps have much "suction," so any obstruction in the feed line wil=
pretty much shut it down. Cameron and James are right on.
Any scale in it when you last used it would have dried out, perhaps
unseating the valves in the vibrator pump. With the valves off-seat, it
can't pump and becomes just a vibrator. Another check would be the entire
length of the plastic tubes themselves, in situ as the reservoir is full an=
in normal operating position.
Any air leak on the inlet side of the pump will stop it.
If the machine were stored for an extended period with a tube inadvertently
kinked, you can remove the kink best by soaking the length of tube in
boiling water. Otherwise, it will prefer to remain kinked. Hardware stores
have replacement tubing if you can't boil it out.
One good preliminary way to clear some scale would be to use a baster to
blow some warm 10% vinegar solution into the tubing to the pump while it's
running. I'd open the steam wand while you force the vinegar solution into
it. If you hear the pump load down, watch for anything to come out the wand=
If you get some liguid through the wand, the pump will probably start
working on its own. Fill the reservoir with warm vinegar solution and make
sure the hose isn't kinked. Let the machine heat up and cycle it through al=
of its functions. Then turn it off and just let it sit for 30 minutes.
Repeat this procedure two times. If you have any commercial espresso machin=
descaler, use it after you get the machine working. You probably have the
clear distilled vinegar, which is dilute Acetic acid, rather than the Citri=
acid used in the descalers. Vinegar is cheaper, like me!
Keep looking, Maureen- you'll find it.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 5/16/06, James House  wrote:
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5) From: Brett Mason
The people at Starbucks customer support are very very helpful.  I
bought a Barista at a local Yard Sale, and these folks walked me
through an internal repair, over the phone, at no charge.
Here's their link...http://www.starbucks.com/customer/faq_qanda.asp?name=brewequipOn 5/16/06, Cameron Forde  wrote:
scribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
ribes) go tohttp://sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.html#personalsettings<Snip>
Brett Mason

6) From: Michael Wascher
I recently bought an Estro Profi, and had a similar problem. During my
browsing of the web I ran across an admonition to not use vinegar. I ended
up using lemon juice concentrate. About 1 part lemon concentrate to 2 parts
water, strained to make sure there was no pulp in it. I injected some of th=
solution into the tube, that got the pump going. I ran some out of the wand=
and some through the grouphead (don't let it heat up). After it sat for an
hour I ran it some more, stopped it.
After running a reservoir of this solution through the machine, two batches
of water to flush.
On 5/16/06, raymanowen  wrote:
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7) From: Maureen Azcoitia
thanks to rayo, james, and cameron (and anyone else
who may have answered)
i got finally got water through my machine.  i
unscrewed every screw i could see.   i also removed
the two tubes.  i soaked the tubes in a 10% vinegar
solution.  i also removed the wand and soaked that as
well.  when i got it together, i ran the machine for
about 5 minutes when FINALLY the water lever started
to lower.  it took a while for water to run through
the wand, but it did along with something that looked
like backwash.  lastly i ran some vinegar solution
through the machine, now the wand runs clean.
one final question, how many tank fulls of water
should i run through the machine to get rid of any
trace of the vinegar solution?

8) From: J.W.Bullfrog
Maureen Azcoitia wrote:
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9) From: raymanowen
From a pure chemistry standpoint, you can neutralize acid with a weak (and
cheap) solution of Arm and Hammer baking soda. I am clueless about the
volumetric capacity of the heating/ steaming system, but it's not great
because it's not a high volume commercial machine.
Two complete heat system exchanges of the neutralizing solution will totall=
undo the acid effects and will be easy to rinse out completely with a coupl=
of system exchanges of distilled water.
You could actually dispense with the neutralizing step and just use 3 or 4
exchanges of distilled water, which is an excellent solvent by itself.
Again, I don't know how the reservoir size compares with the internal syste=
volume. Just run the pump until the temperature starts to drop. (= 1 syst=
Wanna go nuts with a pH meter?  Naw-
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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10) From: rnkyle
2 should do it Maureen

11) From: Michael Dhabolt
rid of any trace of the vinegar solution?<
When you can't taste it anymore it will be diluted well beyond the
level necessary to protect your machine (I doubt that is even
necessary as far as the machine goes).  After doing this procedure I
usually think I can taste it, just a little, in the shots I pull for a
day or two - but that may be the traffic jam between my ears.
Mike (just plain)

12) From: James House
Personally I only descale with citric acid as I read many things that said
to not use vinegar and other solutions, but my machine is an HX too.  The
Insanely Long Water FAQ is one of the many resources that is helpful
regarding machine descaling and cleaning.http://www.big-rick.com/coffee/waterfaq.html"However, *only use citric or tartaric acid for HX machine descaling,* sinc=
if any remains in the boiler it's no big deal, whereas smelly vinegar or
cleancaf's detergent could be a problem even at low concentrations."
On 5/16/06, Michael Dhabolt  wrote:

13) From: Sandy Andina
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This is why you should keep some stale beans around, to grind up and  
use for "sink shots" you brew to absorb cleaning and descaling  
residue--so-called because you pour 'em down the sink rather than  
drink them.
On May 16, 2006, at 10:10 PM, Michael Dhabolt wrote:
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This is why you should keep some =
stale beans around, to grind up and use for "sink shots" you brew to =
absorb cleaning and descaling residue--so-called because you pour 'em =
down the sink rather than drink them.
On May 16, 2006, at =
10:10 PM, Michael Dhabolt wrote:

After doing this procedure = I

usually = think I can taste it, just a little, in the shots I pull for = a

day or = two 

= = --Apple-Mail-53--118039240--

14) From: Michael Dhabolt
I pull enough 'sink shots' the way it is.  Actually planning a 'sink
shot'......there is just something ........ wrong about that ;~)
Mike (just plain - a little 'twisted')

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