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Topic: Aaack! Need to scale up production fast! (7 msgs / 126 lines)
1) From: Scott Marquardt
Good grief.
I just stumbled on a chance to be the sole craft-roast coffee vendor (as
I'll call it) in a reputable, growing suburban farmer's market.
So . . . I'm a home-roaster with an 8 oz. popper batch size . . .
I assume this means an RK is in my immediate future?   ;-)

2) From: Brett Mason
Yes.... it does.
Ask Ginny what volumes you can expect - she's been doing Farmers
Markets for over a year....
On 5/19/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:
Brett Mason

3) From: James House
I would personally like to see your living room filled with poppers, but if
you want to take the EASY road..... :)
On 5/19/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

4) From: raymanowen
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Might=
Wichita WurliTzer- 1976

5) From: raymanowen
On 5/19/06, raymanowen  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Might=
Wichita WurliTzer- 1976

6) From: Justin Marquez
Be sure to set a realistic selling price.
By the time you add in all the costs for the labor (your time is worth
something, eh?), the recovery of hardware costs, the packaging, and the
market booth costs, that $5 a lb stuff you buy more than doubles in cost to
you to bring it market.  It needs to be worth your while, 'cause it's gonna
take some of your time to do this!
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (Snyder, TX)
On 5/19/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:

7) From: Chuck the Coffee-Geek
This was something miKe McKona posted 3 years ago.  Being the computer 
geek I am, I saved it.  For those who appreciate technical humor, please 
swallow your mouthful of coffee...
"Also, I just figured out my wife and I drink over 1/2 lb. of coffee a 
day.  Roasting in a Poppery II is starting to get old REAL fast!  ;-)  I 
actually starting thinking I could run six Poppery II's and roast a 
pound of coffee in under ten minutes.  No, I wouldn't do that... but it 
IS a thought.
Yep... a Poppery II Array!
"RACR - Redundant Array of Cheap Roasters"
(pronounced "racer")
By daffynition a RACR 5 six popper array would be 6 poppers with
databeans & pair-a-beans striped across all poppers, unless using one of 
the poppers for a hot spare, then your usable batch load is reduced by 
one popper. Single popper pair-a-bean would be RACR level 4, which is 
never seen in real world roaster applications, since the single 
pair-a-bean popper must work as hard as all the databean poppers 
combined, it was just part of the original Berkeley popper papers:-) Of 
course the FR speed roasters never use pair-a-beans, preferring the pure 
striping fastest roasting RACR level 0, though it has no rebeandancy and 
is therefore risky. Whereas a RACR 1 mirrored pair (of drums) aren't 
nearly as fast but offer great rebeandancy.
And whatever happened the RACR level 3 anyway?
Not to mention the need to address RACR Controller ca$h policies. 
Obviously Roast ahead is enabled regardless using a Controller with ca$h 
DIMM battery or not (Double Insulated Massive (bean) Movement) but 
wRoast back versus wRoast thru policy would be important consideration. 
Roast ahead policy enabled so databeans can properly rest and you don't 
run out. If you have battery backed up ca$h then wRoast back is safe, 
meaning back to back batches is safe. But without battery backed up ca$h 
wRoast thru should be the policy, meaning roaster thru cooling before 
next databeans loaded. This is assuming with pair-o-beans rebeandancy. 
Without pair-o-beans simple UPS will do (Unlimited Pour Supplied). And 
should always use a surge protector. (Simple Under Roast Guard Enabled).
But the over riding ca$h policy is usually this: it goes to Sweet 
Maria's for more databeans!"
Scott Marquardt wrote:

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