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Topic: How do you store your stash? (20 msgs / 368 lines)
1) From: Vince Doss
Just curious about how everyone keeps their greens. Before I build up a
stash of beans I wanted to ask anyone willing to answer:
How much coffee do you keep on hand?
How do you store it?

2) From: Dan Kellgren
Cotton bags are my method of choice.  I have some in plastic zip-locks, but
only because I don't have enough cotton bags to go around.
I keep 8-10 lbs. on hand.  I get nervous when I get down to 3 lbs. (as if I
might suddenly drink 3 pounds of coffee in 4 days or something).  ;-)
-Dan (still a bit smoky from roasting up some newly obtained Kona Extra
On 5/23/06, Vince Doss  wrote:

3) From: Gary Bennett
On 5/24/06, Vince Doss <> wrote:
I keep my greens in cotton/calico bags in cardboard boxes inside the
house. My stash currently runs to around 25kg (55lb) which equates to
around 6-8 months supply.
Regards, Gary

4) From: B. Scott Harroff
In SM bags and we'll just say over 100 lbs

5) From: ConradArms
I have about 20 pounds of green coffee beans on hand.  I store them in  SM's 
cloth bags or in brown paper bags....Dorothy

6) From: Jim McClellan
Stored in cotton, pull string bags made by Mary.
Kept on hand: approaching Kazzillion.
Vince Doss  wrote: Just curious about how everyone keeps their greens. Before I build up a stash of beans I wanted to ask anyone willing to answer:
 How much coffee do you keep on hand?
 How do you store it?

7) From: Scott Marquardt
Unfortunately my storage location is not free of smells, so I use airtight
containers. For small batches I use the ziplocs; when I get larger batches =
use these:http://www.marquardts.org/coffee/buddeez_review.htm(an old review)
On 5/23/06, Vince Doss  wrote:

8) From: Sandy Andina
I keep mine in the ziploc bags in which they came (transitioning  
slowly into cotton bags, and some already came in cotton). Keep the  
bags in their USPS boxes, in a cabinet under the counter furthest  
from the sink, stove and fridge (hence, stable temps).  Right now, I  
have about 25 lbs. of regular, espresso and decaf greens. I buy when  
something I like is running low or when something special is  
available for only a limited time.
On May 23, 2006, at 6:51 PM, Gary Bennett wrote:

9) From: Woody DeCasere
I keep mine in the bags they were sent int, all of SM's Bags have holes
poked in them, I keep them with the raositing gear on the bottom shelf of m=
bakers rack, and have about 40 lb's or so in my stash.
On 5/24/06, Howell Ite  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

My situation may or may not be slightly different than most. I reside in a
travel trailer 4 day a week, on average, near my work place. On week-ends I
return home. My 5lbs. beans are kept in their original plastic bags and my
2lbs, have recently been kept in cotton bags from SM's.My roasted beans are
kept in the valved 1/2lbs. bags and all this is stored in a wooden box that
I transport to and from my 2 residences, along with my roaster, grinder and
data sheets and booklets.So twice a week my 20 to 30lbs stash and
accoutrement's get to take an 80 mile ride. Being in the box keeps
everything out of direct sunlight and fairly stable in regards to
temperature changes.
On 5/24/06, Woody DeCasere  wrote:
Start HOT and work your way Down...
Peppers AND Coffee.

11) From: Jim Mitchell
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Cotton drawstring bags.  In cardboard boxes in the
basement corner where wine is kept.  A very consistent
cool temperature winter and summer.  Trying not to
build stash up above 25 lbs.  Trying not to buy new 
until older is used. Roast 24 ozs a week. 
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13) From: Jerry Procopio
Vince, you forced me to do an inventory.  My current stash is 252.  I
have 90 pounds in vac sealed glass mason jars of varying sizes from a
pint to 2 quart, 72 pounds in SM cotton drawstring bags, and the
remaining 90 pounds in the zip lock plastic bags that they came in.
I store (and roast) in my garage, which isn't heated nor air
conditioned, but is insulated and has finished walls and a carpeted
floor (long story about the carpet in the garage). About 2/3 of my stash
fits in a bin/shelf arrangement that I got at Sam's Club, the rest lives
on a wooden shelf above it.  Any greens that I plan on keeping more than
6 months usually end up vac sealed in jars.
I haven't bought any new coffee this week, so I MUST be on stash reduction!
Java Jerry
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake VA
Vince Doss wrote:

14) From: Woody DeCasere
252 pounds of coffee in stash form, wow, you have about 5 years of coffee i=
consumed 1 lb a week. Crazy!!
On 5/24/06, Jerry Procopio  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

15) From: rnkyle
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I vac seal 4lbs per bag and reseal after using if I do not roast the =
whole 4 lbs. 
I also keep some in cloth bags. I have these plastic storage containers =
in the closet that I keep all the bags sealed and cotton in with lids I =
have 3 of them and they sit one on top of the other, I say my current =
stash is about 100 lbs.

16) From: Scott Miller
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On 5/24/06, *Jerry Procopio* < CafeHombre 
> wrote:
My 92 pound supply, selling about 3-5 pounds a week, and providing 
coffee for my Bible study class now seems a bit smaller.

17) From: HailSeeszer
Mr. Java Jerry,
And I thought I had gone a bit crazy with bean buying.  I have 245# with
an extra 10# waiting to season my Diedrich roaster when it arrives in
I wonder what the 12-steps are for addictive coffee buying?

18) From: Michael Dhabolt
I think it starts out something like this:
step 1 click here ->http://www.sweetmarias.com/with step 12 having something to do with your credit card :~)
Oh BTW, 145 lbs.  Burlap, cotton and plastic bags.
Mike (just plain - too familiar with the process)

19) From: Ed Needham
Scroll down to 12 Steps...http://www.homeroaster.com/intro1.html*********************
Ed Needham®
"to absurdity and beyond!"
ed at homeroaster dot com
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20) From: raymanowen
"...the 12-steps are for addictive coffee buying?"
Say What- as if there's a problem?
It sounds like the addiction may not necessarily be buying coffee but
admiring it green!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Happy Roasting!

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