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Topic: Need a good all around decaf... (12 msgs / 227 lines)
1) From: James House
Need a good all around decaf suggestion.  Not necessarily for me, but for

2) From: Les
I am not an expert of Decaf, but I have been drinking more of it
because of my wife.  I really like the Nicaragua Matagalpa WP Decaf.
For a guest coffee they will enjoy its balance and complexity.  I
really like the Indonesian Organic SWP Komodo Blend if you are looking
for a good blend.  Of course I am partial to the Ethiopia Harar WP
Decaf.  It has that great Horse flavor.  With all of that said, if I
were going to limit myself to just one, it would be the El Salvador
Las Ranas WP Decaf.  Take this to a nice full city plus and will
hardly know it is a decaf.  For guests I would look seriously at the
El Salvador Las Ranas WP Decaf and the  Nicaragua Matagalpa WP Decaf.
On 5/26/06, James House  wrote:

3) From: Vicki Smith
The 8 o'clock whole bean coffee they used to sell at Shnucks was pretty 
decent, actually--if you are talking about non-speciality not 
particularly freshly roasted coffee. It is really hard to make good 
coffee in those big urns we all use for special events.
If you want to go a big step up, though the limitations of the pot will 
still be there, go to Wildhorse Creek Coffee Roaster on Boyle Avenue on 
the Hill and have them grind some water decaffeinated beans for you the 
day of the event. Tell them you will be using it in one of those big 
drip urns so they will grind it the right way.
No problem. :)
James House wrote:

4) From: Scot Murphy
On May 26, 2006, at 2:18 PM, Les wrote:
I agree with you on the Nicaraguan Matagalpa, Les! It's very nice,  
low acidity, full flavor, no rough edges. That's a terrific coffee  
for friends and guests who can't have caffeine. They'll probably  
think it's regular!
Scot "getting older means decaf" Murphy
"The president is merely the most important among a large number of  
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5) From: Vicki Smith
Whoops. I have a friend who has to use those big urns for an agency he 
runs in St. Louis. I thought this was a personal post from him.
This was not exactly the way I wanted to introduce myself to the list.
Vicki Smith wrote:

6) From: Woody DeCasere
I made coffee for an event at my church, sort of a Lake Wobegon inspired
event, roasted up 2 pounds of Ethiopian WP, they could not get enough, we
ran out faster than expected.
so that would be my entry into the fray.
On 5/26/06, Scot Murphy  wrote:
"Good night, and Good Coffee"

7) From: Peter Zulkowski
Hi Vicki..
Not to worry!
A while ago I asked how to make decent coffee, decaf or otherwise, in 
those big urns, with no electricity.
Our church was going dry camping in Mexico to build a home for the poor.
The first year I just poured hot water through the top of the filter 
part. Slow and not really decent.
Last year I got some clean white canvas (actually a tire cover) and 
attached it to the top of the urn with a bungee cord.
Poured the hot water through it and the coffee was great!
Kind of like an over-sized Chemex ;)  
Well, maybe when it is cold and dark outside, anything hot is great,
but this was really good coffee.
About to try roasting 1278 Gr of Robusta, in my newest 1500W PGR, here 
in LHC.
Vicki Smith wrote:

8) From: Les
Did you throw "pearls to the swine?"  I just can't bear giving that
good of decaf to the general public.  The Ethiopian WP is really good!
On 5/26/06, Woody DeCasere  wrote:

9) From: Vicki Smith
Thanks Peter. I'm still sorta hoping it really was my friend Jim House 
from St. Louis. It would be great if he were on this list. When I 
visited him back there last month (I now live in Alberta, Canada) I went 
on and on about my brand new roaster and the amazing coffee I was 
looking forward to.
vicki (who has had some mighty fine campfire coffee in her past)
Peter Zulkowski wrote:

10) From: Don Cummings
I think this James House is down in Houston but I don't know if he came fro=
St Louis before that.
As far as decaf is concerned,  I have to give the nod to the Harar.
Especially since I know you are a fan of the Harar in general.
On 5/26/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:

11) From: James House
Yes I am in the Humidity capital of the world.  :)  Didn't come from SL
though, sorry.
Ok as I read back I thank each and every one of your for your great
suggestions.  I will tack on some decaf to my next SM order (tonight!).
Thanks again!
On 5/26/06, Don Cummings  wrote:

12) From: Jerry Procopio
A few months ago my neighbor's father was visiting from Oklahoma.  He is 
a coffee lover but cannot have more than one cup of regular a day so was 
interested in some decaf.  I was a little short on decaf beans of any 
one SO, so I made a 4 bean mixture of what I had.  If I recall, it was 
Sumatra, Sulawesi, Mexican and Costa Rican - in approximately equal 
amounts.  The result was a pretty decent cup that he really liked - even 
more than the regular Uganda Bugisu that I was showing off with.  Since 
then I have run short of the Mexican Esmeralda Decaf and SM is out of 
it, so I have substituted SM's Costa Rica decaf.
My current "Four Bean Decaf Blend" is:
	25% Sumatra Mandheling WP Decaf
	25% Sulaewsi Toraja WP Decaf
	25% Guatemala Huehuetenango WP Decaf
	25% Costa Rica SHB WP Decaf
I pre-roast blend and roast to about 15 seconds into 2nd in the RK Drum, 
resulting in a roast between a FC and FC+.  The beans have always 
appeared to be evenly roasted.  I have 2 other "decaf" customers who 
also really like this blend, so I am selling about 4 pounds of it a 
month.  My other "decaf" customer is a die-hard Sumatra man so he gets a 
pound of 100% Sumatra Mandheling WP decaf, roasted to FC about every 3 
When I started roasting 2 1/2 years ago, I was drinking mostly decaf, 
but have since fallen off that wagon and drink regular coffee except for 
late night cappucinos so I don't really have a personal favorite.  I 
haven't found a decaf that I enjoy as a straight espresso, but with all 
the fine regular coffees that Tom offers, I have plenty of other choices 
there.  Since I started giving my doctor 1/2 pound of whatever I have 
freshly roasted for her husband, she hasn't picked on me for drinking 
regular.  I'm gonna milk that horse as long as I can.
Java Jerry
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake VA
James House wrote:

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