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1) From: George Miller
Sorry for all the posts today, it's a lazy day here with mostly coffee on my 
I have noticed a few people on the list is from Upstate NY.  Myself, I'm 
from CNY, the outskirts of Syracuse, Mattydale to be exact.  Anyone in the 
near by area?  I have a son in the Air Force that is a recruiter here in the 
Mattydale, North Syracuse area that lives in the Lacona/Sandy Creek area.  
Maybe we could get together some time and you could teach me how to drink 
espresso (I'm a coffee freak that has only had espresso once or twice and it 
tasted severely acidic and burnt, and a few caramel double shot cappuccinos 
that I really like, hot or cold). 
aka CNYWarlock and drives the MadHemi (registered license plate) Ram truck

2) From: Michael Wascher
Nice area.
I'm in central NJ, East Windsor. 15 minutes south of Princeton. Not real
close, not too far.
On 5/28/06, George Miller  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

3) From: Andie Z
I'm in Amsterdam, about 35 miles west of Albany.
Andie Z
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4) From: Jerry Procopio
I live in Virginia but am originally from CNY also and have two sisters 
that still live in Fulton and Minoa.  If we have a group gathering I 
could probably combine it with a family visit and get the two girls off 
my back for attending the Mid Atlantic Gathering in PA last year and not 
visiting them also.  I can bring my Isomac Venus as well as some other 
things to play with.  This assumes that the gathering is during one of 
the non-snow months - Jerry don't do no more snow.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
George Miller wrote:

5) From: Peter Zulkowski
We will be heading past you on the NY Thruway sometime around the 21 or 
22 of June.
On our way from Phoenix to Gloucester for the summer.
Maybe we can stop in if you are meeting at that time.
Getting too hot, here in LHC
George Miller wrote:

6) From: Tara Kollas
Hi, all - I mostly lurk on the list now, but I hosted the Mid-atlantic
gathering at my house last year (MAG I) - was planning on a MAG II same time
(weekend after labor day), if there was interest.  Actually, even if it's
just two more people, I'd have it.
On 5/30/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:

7) From: Michael Wascher
It was a good time, Jean & I will try to make it -- she's been working
weekends & travel for work sometimes intrudes on my private life too.
On 5/31/06, Tara Kollas  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

8) From: Peter Zulkowski
That is a great offer Tara :)
How far are you from the PA turnpike or the NY thruway?
If possible for us to make it I will let you know when on the road what 
our itinerary is.
Or if you get a definite date we may be able to adjust a bit..
I plan on bringing the PGR and the Mazzer Mini.. and lots of SM beans of 
course :)
Time moves way too quickly, here in LHC.
Tara Kollas wrote:

9) From: Jerry Procopio
The weekend after labor day is good for Mickie and me for MAG II.  Tara, 
which day is your preference, Saturday, Sept. 9 or Sunday, Sept. 10?  We 
can make it from Chesapeake to Harrisburg and back in a day, so either 
day is good.
Are the plans now to combine the CNY gathering with MAG II, or will they 
be separate events.  We can make it to Syracuse too, but that becomes an 
overnighter (at least) from here.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Tara Kollas wrote:

10) From: Tara Kollas
There's a PA turnpike exit a few miles from my house - I think Saturday is
best - esp. if folks have to travel, that gives everyone a break on Sunday.
On 6/1/06, Jerry Procopio  wrote:

11) From: Tara Kollas
Also - there's Hershey only 20 minutes away - they have a great spa there
now.  And the Gettysburg battlefield is about 45 minutes south from me.
On 6/1/06, Tara Kollas  wrote:

12) From: Peter Zulkowski
We will be heading back through your way early in September. I will 
check for camp grounds in the area to hang out for a bit.
Sounds like there are fun things to do besides meet for coffee :)
Tara Kollas wrote:

13) From: Tara Kollas
There are a lot of camp sites in Gettysburg, from RV to tent sites.  They
also have some of the best ghost tours.  If anyone would be interested in
doing one of the walking tours in Gettysburg, either that Saturday or the
Friday before, I can get information for you - they're a lot of fun and
pretty spooky.  There's also a driving ghost tour, which can be really
On 6/1/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:

14) From: Tara Kollas
As I'm perusing the list, I was wondering if anyone who would be able to
make it to MAGII has any particular requests for food.  I'll make baklava
again, since that seemed popular.  I can also make the capo semi freddo.
It's pretty tasty, if I say so myself.  As far as non-dessert items, I'm
open to suggestions.

15) From: Peter Zulkowski
Hi Tara,
When are you planning this? Sorry, my head is tired from driving again :(
We are passing through your way sometime next week, I think we plan to 
be in MA on June 23.. but then there is no rigid schedule here.
So far we have been doing between 300 and 350 miles per day, unless we 
stop and shop and sight see ;)
We are going to hang out in Ohio for about three days. Then we will be 
heading back to AZ just after Labor Day.
There is a happening in Boston over Labor Day weekend we need to attend.
As for food... WOW.. Baklava is wonderful!! We can bring some Horse #30 
(I doubt I will drink 25# this summer) either roasted or to roast, but 
probably both!
And let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.
Enjoying the cool weather for a change, here in Terre Haute, IN ( there 
are bugs here though.. yuck!)
Tara Kollas wrote:

16) From: Tara Kollas
We were planning it for the Saturday after Labor day - I think it's the 9th
or 10th.  My husband is Greek, and my MIL has the absolute best baklava
recipe.  I think we had about 10 folks last year.  It was nice - pretty laid
back.  Lots of coffee.  Bring the Horse - I love it and have lots stashed
away, but I only went with 10 pounds!
On 6/16/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:

17) From: Bigskullhead1
Where is the Upstate & CNY meeting at & when PLEASE!   JohnnyB         
_bigskullhead1 (mailto:bigskullhead1)  

18) From: Bigskullhead1
I live in Watertown NY I presently do not home roast but would love to hang  
out with other coffee minded fanatics. Please let me know whats up.  Thanks   
JOHNNYB   _bigskullhead1 (mailto:bigskullhead1)  

19) From: Jerry Procopio
    Last year's baklava and semi freddo were beyond wonderful and I look 
forward to them again this year.  Yummy, yummy!  As far as non-dessert 
items, I vote for keeping it simple.  There's all kinds of carry our or 
delivery food that can be had that we can all pitch in for that keeps it 
easy for everyone.  Just my 2.
    By the way, I'm willing to haul the RK Drum setup up there again and 
do another demo if there are attendees that haven't seen the RK Drum in 
action.  I just need to know ahead of time so I can plan for a vehicle 
that the gas grill will fit into.
RK Drum roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Tara Kollas wrote:

20) From: Steve Hay
On 6/16/06, Tara Kollas  wrote:
I might be up for this depending on my schedule.  I'm in Northern Virginia,
so as long as its not too far away...  Gettysburge is 2 hours which isn't so
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
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21) From: Tara Kollas
Hi, Steve - we're just about exactly 45 minutes north of Gettysburg.  And
the directions are incredibly easy from there - you pretty much stay on one
road until you turn off into the development.  Good lord - this is less than
3 months away!  Time truly flies, doesn't it!
On 6/19/06, Steve Hay  wrote:

22) From: James House
I'm in Houston..... :(  Wish I was up in the NE states, beautiful up
On 6/19/06, Steve Hay  wrote:

23) From: Tara Kollas
Usually - today it's 90 degrees and raining.  How I miss the dry heat of
southern california!
On 6/19/06, James House  wrote:

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