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Topic: Great blend for iced coffee (6 msgs / 176 lines)
1) From: Scott Marquardt
I'm not a blender -- 'cept for mutt blends from near-empty bags in the
But today I blended some of Tom's Yirg with a Sweet Yellow from Daterra,
left over from last year.
Good heavens.
That was awesome on ice. The guest of honor at an affair actually called it
the best he'd ever had.
Well there's no danger of that going to my head -- I'm still a lousy
blender. But I'd be interested in knowing what blends others have found
great for iced coffee -- and also, what roast levels of each origin. I'm no=
one to think iced coffee needs "roast notes" to "cut the dairy" -- in fact,
I have no idea where that meme started.

2) From: Gary Townsend
Scott Marquardt wrote:
I *found* a like new Filtron Cold Water Coffee Extractor... with about 2
dozen spare filter pads for a mere .$4.95 at a local thrift shop...I also
have no idea on how to prepare iced coffee with it, but I'm willing to
learn, as the temps in central Kansas are now in the 90's.
I take a blender, fill it up 1/2 way with ice, add lowfat milk to cover the
ice, then blend.
Add 2 doubleshots of espresso and reblend. For guests that like sugar and
cream in thier normal drip coffees, add into blender, treating the mix like
a giant sized cup of coffee.
Voila...coffee shake !!!
Monkey Blend seems to satisfy my tastes.
Malabar blends are also nice.
Think of making a *cold* Cappo, and you will find a great place to start
experimenting for coffee shakes.
I've been slurping up Harar Lot 30 (city+) mixed equal parts with Java
Prince( FC+) all weekend.
Interesting to note that it tastes just like coffee flavored chocolate milk
after it cools off, if you added in some cream & sugar to it, while still
hot. I still have enough to try this as an iced coffee...sounds like an
experiment for today !!!
Albert Einstein - "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent

3) From: Scott Marquardt
Your iced sounds great. I don't have an espresso machine yet, and I
definitely prefer 9-bar iceds to conventionally extracted iceds.
For the time being, I'm left to do the inverted Aeropress method using a 5
micron polyester filter to get all the oils in the cup. I press into a heav=
porcelain cup (which yields a good intitial drop in temp), then dump it ove=
ice. I use a mix of half half&half and half milk for the dairy. This
approach yields a cup that's strong at first, and noticably weak only after
a couple hours in a thermal mug.
But it never lasts that long.    ;-)
Harrar is good hot, iced, frozen, vaporized, or in a plasma state. It's jus=
darned good coffee.   ;-D
On 5/29/06, Gary Townsend  wrote:

4) From: Vicki Smith
Try using coffee to make your ice cubes. It works for me :).
Scott Marquardt wrote:

5) From: Peter Schmidt
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I have yet to try making my iced coffee, but wanted to throw this idea =
into the mix....
I bought some ice-cube trays, with which I plan to make frozen coffee.  =
This should help prevent the 
iced-coffee drink from getting watered down when normal ice melts.

6) From: Scott Marquardt
Yes, the technique works well. There are a handfull of odd reasons I rarely
do it.
On 5/29/06, Peter Schmidt  wrote:

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