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Topic: Label Templates for Jars (7 msgs / 176 lines)
1) From: Walter R. Basil
I've created labels for my pint jars that I use to hold my roasted  
beans. They fit nicely between the lid and the ring. Pretty handy  
too, especially when you give some away. I include the name, Tom's  
brief blurb, and the dates. I thought I'd make them available to  
anyone who might think they could use them. I have saved them for  
every type of bean I've roasted.
I created it in Pages but exported it to Word as well. Both formats  
available. Just fill in the info (arrange if necessary), print, and  
cut out on the dotted lines. Insert between the lid and ring. You can  
see a picture of it and download them from my site here:
Walter R Basil

2) From: Stanley
Thank you for the templates.  Pretty neat idea, nice web page.

3) From: Michael Wade
Walter, thanks!
Michael Wade

4) From: Michael Dhabolt
Thanks a bunch.  I have reformated for six labels to the page and used
them for this mornings roast. Very nice labels.
Tthe Matadakad (sp?) peaberry thanks you also.  BTW - outrageous
chocolate influence at about 30% in an espresso blend with Brazil,
Aged Sumatra and MM.
Mike (just plain)

5) From: Vicki Smith
Thanks Walter--they are perfect!! I tried to follow the link for your 
roast profiles, new iRoast-2 owner that I am, but I got a file not found 
page instead. Is your profile page still up there someplace?

6) From: Walter R. Basil
On May 30, 2006, at 11:02 PM, Vicki Smith  wrote:
Vicki et al,
You're welcome. It's always nice when someone else can use something  
I do. It's like getting twice (or more) the mileage.
Vicki, You shouldn't be getting any File Not Found page at all.  
Unless maybe you checked the site in between tweaks.  I had renamed  
the page more appropriately. I have found profiles to be rather  
useless and get to the same roast level regardless of what beans I am  
roasting; within 20 seconds. Because of that, I took down my profiles  
because they were all just about the same. Perhaps I'll put them back  
up since people are interested. If you still get it the file not  
found, I'd be interested in knowing what page you were on at the  
time, and what link you clicked on. I'm thinking on the main Coffee  
page, and clicking on what is now the Roaster and Roasting Tips. It's  
possible there was another page I had a link from to the old page  
that was Profiles.
Granted, I haven't used many beans. Probably 7. A couple types of  
Kona, a couple types of Columbian, a Brazil CoE, and the new  
Nicaragua Matagalpa Placeras Estate Miel. Which I'm drinking at this  
very moment, albeit too soon... but nice nonetheless... sometimes you  
just can't wait you know?
I've stuck with the following profile regardless of bean, and will  
always end up between a Full City and Vienna if I let it finish. I  
normally will stop it it with 20 seconds or less remaining, depending  
on when I hear 2nd crack; usually once 2nd crack is under way. Maybe  
I'm not as picky as most roasters are when it comes to exactly when  
to quit the roast. I have no problems with mixing a batch of Full  
City with a batch of Light Vienna. It still tastes great to me.
2 minutes at 325, 3 minutes at 375, 3 minutes 435 - and two scoops  
almost level (that came with i-Roast 2) worth of beans.
Walter R Basil

7) From: Vicki Smith
I'm pretty sure I followed a link that isn't there anymore, Walt. I 
looked for it again yesterday, and didn't find it.
I've had my iRoast-2 for less than a month, and I am working my way 
through the sample beans from SM. This morning I had the Ghimbi they 
included amongst the samples. I roasted it Saturday, and had the first 
of it yesterday. It was good then, great today. I have two more days of 
it left and can't wait to see how it tastes as it gets slightly older.
I'm adding it to my future purchases list. One of the advantages of 
living in Canada is that the $40 minimum for international orders keeps 
me from using my credit card with wild abandon on the site.

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