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1) From: Don Cummings
FWIW  The topic for tonight's Modern Marvels on the History Channel is
coffee.  8:00 PM Eastern.  They were showing some espresso art on the

2) From: Dan Kellgren
Nice history of coffee, it was.  The guy spinning his "passion" for instant
was quite amusing.  Oh, and someone tell them how to properly French Press
please (he poured in the hot water and immediately plunged and served).
Still - a great show.
On 5/31/06, Don Cummings  wrote:

3) From: Don Cummings
It was also a little heavy on the *$ propaganda.  I did get a kick out of
the roast that they showed in the cooling tray at *$.  Those beans were
completely coated with oil already.  Jeez!  When I make a big mistake in my
roast and go way too far (to the point where I consider tossing) they are
nowhere near that charry.
Even my wife, who is not a big drinker was critiqueing his FP method. "He
didn't stir"  "Where's the steep?"
We both loved the cappa art though. She told me I needed to learn to do
that.  I immediately ordered a Silvia. (Just kidding.) She said nevermind
when I told her I needed a real espresso machine to do that.
I can't bust on the instant coffee guy too much though.  My wife has worked
with that guy for about a decade now.  Nestle has been very good to our
family.  In Switzerland at their headquarters they actually have a "coffee
lady" who walks a cart around the offices all day serving coffees made with
their premium instants. They have a special machine for the purpose and the
milk is freshly steam heated. A friend of ours who works in that office says
that it is actually superior to most of the coffee he gets served in the
I am actually itching for his next visit to us so that I can show him how
good coffee can get in the US.
On 5/31/06, Dan Kellgren  wrote:

4) From: Erik Snapper
I agree, it was a fun show to watch. I was amused that the wondrous civet
coffee  got an honorable
As for the *$ roasts, that dark (black) roast did make me wince, even before
he mentioned it was only their third darkest roast!
On 5/31/06, Don Cummings  wrote:

5) From: Michael Wascher
When visiting a friend during an Australian vacation I was given a cup of
Nestle instant coffee -- Chris & Ray are tea drinkers. Chris apologized,
said they keep coffee just for guests. It was surprising good, much better
the the brewed swill at work.
On 5/31/06, Don Cummings  wrote:
"Life is just one damned thing after another."
  - Elbert Hubbard

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I  was at the gym working out and stayed to watch the program, but i
forgot that they would follow the money in their presentation. I had
hoped it would at least suggest that there are a few souls that have
returned to the home roasting methods, or maybe show a few examples of
it. I was also disappointed in the fact that home roasting was not
mentioned as the primary source of coffee "before" the canned
catastrophe took over. But for what it was worth the American public was
told (as if they will listen) that what they are being served and have
been served is swill. 
I wonder if a guy could make any money as a "traveling salesman" with a
few coffee roasters under his arm?
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I missed the prime time showings.  But I DVRd the late night showing
along with another episode immediately after on coffee brewing.  I like
how most of the prime time shows on the Discovery, Learning, and History
channels are repeated later in the night.  If I forget about a program I
can DVR the late night showing and watch it at a later date.  I watched
the new Deadliest Catch with dinner yesterday.
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On 5/31/06, Don Cummings  wrote: 
On 5/31/06, Dan Kellgren  wrote: 
On 5/31/06, Don Cummings  wrote: 
FWIW  The topic for tonight's Modern Marvels on the History Channel is
coffee.  8:00 PM Eastern.  They were showing some espresso art on the

7) From: Wendy Sarrett
Interesting perspective Don!   I saw it too and and found it 
interesting   I do have to agree with Terry that I was disappointed that 
they didn't mention a peep about home roasting.  I did like the fact 
that they did demo several brewing methods so people can see that there 
is more to brewing than a "Mr Coffee."
I'm looking foward to hearing what your Friend thinks the next time he 
Don Cummings wrote:

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