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Topic: IM back (17 msgs / 306 lines)
1) From: Aaron
Im back everyone.
Saturday morning my appendix burst, this turned into a trip to the ER 
and immediate admission to the hospital and subsequent operation and 
removal of my appendix (what was left of it) and about 6 inches of large 
During this time it appears my mailbox filled up and Bellsouth bounced a 
number of my e mails.
If someone sent me anything that got kicked back, please resend.
If you were one of the folks who did send me something, please give  me 
a few days to try to recover and sift through this horrible mes here.  
If I dont reply, then please yell at me then.
Thank you.
Well at least one good thing came of this.
Next time someone tells me that I am full of shit, I can look them dead 
in the eye and honestly answer, well, maybe so, but not as full of it as 
you are. (im about 6 inches less full to be exact muahahaha)

2) From: Angelo
Ouch!  Welcome back and feel better...

3) From:
you never disappoint me...
get well fast.
---- Aaron  wrote: 

4) From: Jim Anderson
Been there, done that, got the scar.
Take it easy for a bit.
On 5/31/06, Aaron  wrote:

5) From: Sandy Andina
OUCH!!! Glad to hear you pulled through this. Concentrate on getting  
On May 31, 2006, at 2:15 PM, Aaron wrote:

6) From: J.W.Bullfrog
Get Well.
Aaron wrote:
There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers 
exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will 
instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more 
bizarre and inexplicable.
There is another theory which states that this has already happened.

7) From: Peter Zulkowski
Welcome back Aaron!  :)
Having your appendix burst is pretty scary.
You are a very lucky man to have survived!
Glad you made it through the crisis.
Please be sure to take life easy for a bit and allow yourself to heal.
I think you had mentioned that you were going to the doctor.. I am glad 
you did that.
Men are usually so tough and deny they have anything wrong with them.. 
just wait for it to pass.
A good example of why not to do that.
Enjoy the coffee,
Aaron wrote:

8) From: Brett Mason
Welcome back my friend, to the show that never ends!  So glad you could
attend, come inside, come inside...
Wow Aaron, I am glad you're back here with us.  I can honestly say you are
not as full of it as you might have been rumored to be!  But this is home,
and we're glad you're back!
On 5/31/06, Aaron  wrote:
Brett Mason

9) From: rnkyle
Great take it easy and let yourself heal, anytime they cut into you, it 
takes quite a while to fully heal, I thought it would only be a week or two 
when I had my hernia operation but its been 4 months and I still know they 
did it.
So take it easy and I'm glad you are OK. Do you need some roasted coffee to 
get you through the healing time?
I'd be glad to send you a some untill you get back on your feet.

10) From: raymanowen
I, too, have a semicolon- about a foot shorter at the north end. Olds wagon
changed my direction of travel, but the Corvair took it heavy. Seatbelt
maybe caused some, but prevented disastrous damage. No piles or hemorrhoids-
makes for a certain anatomical perfection on my part...
With Vigor and Much Good Coffee, get back in the saddle ASAP!
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 5/31/06, Aaron  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita WurliTzer- 1976

11) From: Aaron
Thank you for the well wishes everyone.
rnkyle your offer of coffee is truly generous but Ill take a pass on 
it.  I have plenty sitting around home right now and well, to be honest 
am not drinking as much as I used to before, and well... because of the 
antibiotics and the anetheshia stuff, it don't taste right anyways right 
now.  Everythings got this kind of sulphur taste / aftertaste to and 
it's not at all pleasant.  My stomach and lower parts are not all up to 
snuff yet and a cup of strong coffee sets them into fits.... something I 
just quite cant handle quite yet to be honest.  In a few days im hoping 
I can do a cup of coffee without the dash to the pot or the sink 
afterwards.  I will admit though that today i am feeling a bit better 
than I was yesterday.  The pain meds just weren't cutting it, but today 
at least i got a few hours of actual sleep.
take care everyone and again, thank you

12) From: Barbara C. Greenspon
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Wow.  You are very very lucky!!  How terrible.  Take care and heal well.
Brett Mason wrote:

13) From: Aaron
Ok Im back on the list now.
Bellsouth had mail problems earlier and a lot of my mail being sent to 
me bounced,  this caused many problems in many places for me.  One of 
which seems to be the auto deletion from the SM's mailing list due to 
bouncing e mails.  Im getting rather tired of the service from BS 
lately.   ever since they merged with AT&T the service has totally 
sucked,  then again what should I expect,  AT&T got kicked out of 
jacksonville some years back due to piss poor service.   anyways.
The Nissan thermo mug that SM's sells,  they are great,  not only will 
they keep your coffee hot all morning and afternoon, they I find  will 
keep your beer very cold for a while too..   Being in the hot florida 
sun with the temp around 95 degrees, a beer in a brown bottle does not 
have a very good chance of staying cold for very long at all .. about 
ten minutes is all it takes to get it to close to room temp.  Not good,  
enter the nissan mug,  fill it up, close it up and beer stays very cold 
for hours.  Now ill be totally honest and admit, beer doesn't last hours 
around me, but I had half a mug full when we pulled the boat in, and 
forgot about it till after we cleaned up and cleaned the fish, cleaned 
the boat etc etc and it was about 4 hours later, ran out got the mug and 
the beer was still very drinkably cold.
I know that Tom has, or had I believe a temp table showing hot how the 
mug keeps stuff XX hours later.  I am thinking of doing one up with 
keeping something cold for xxx hours later to give an idea of the rate 
at which stuff warms in it.  Make up a concoction at 32 degrees F,  
(probably salt water so we are not playing with any latent heats to mess 
up the times since realistically nobody drinks ice, but rather liquids) 
and take temps along the way and record them at a steady temp outside,  
ill do one at room temp, then set my incubator at like 100 degrees to 
bring a different temp gradient into play and do one at that temp too 
for a comparison.
any ideas on what else you'd like me to try with it, lets hear em...

14) From: Michael Wade
"Make up a concoction at 32 degrees F,
(probably salt water..."
Ah, c'mon Aaron, do the test with beer!  We could take side bets on whether 
the test runs to completion...
Michael (another one)

15) From:
Hi Aaron,
welcome back, your posts have been missed.
---- Aaron  wrote: 

16) From: Brian Kamnetz
I agree, these mugs are wonderful. I filled one just before 6 a.m. one
morning from a press pot, without warming the Nissan mug. Took the first sip
sometime after 1:00 in the afternoon and the coffee was so hot I was
initially concerned that I had burned my lip!

17) From: raymanowen
I bought one of those at Peet's across from the Nobleman's Barn on Sheridan
in Westminster, CO last August e/r Red lodge Montana for my son's wedding.
We got to Cheyenne when Sarah asked, "Dammit, Pop- You got Rigor Mortis?
Lemme drive!"  We only hit the high spots in Wyoming until we stopped for
gas at Sheridan.
The spillproof Nissan mug was quite hot by Billings, still warm and nearly
empty by Red Lodge. Good coffee for 8 hours.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
"There is no expedient to which a man will not go to avoid the labor of
thinking." - -Thomas Edison
On 7/24/07, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

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