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1) From: Dan Martin
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Any feedback on this hot little jewel?  My wife walked in the door with =
it this afternoon and it looks pretty neat.  I've seen/read revies of =
the SC/TO but not of this.  The "stir" rod on the machine seems to move =
a little slow, but it may be OK.  Any experiences?

2) From: Don Cummings
This is the SC of the SC/TO.
On 6/3/06, Dan Martin  wrote:

3) From: Dan Martin
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ever use one?

4) From: James House
They are great Dan.  I use mine for 8 to 16 oz batches.  I have a Sunpentown
Turbo Oven sitting over the Stir Crazy.  I disconnected the heating element
in my SC.  The slow turning is just fine.  Some people make mods to their
SC.  There are many posts in the CoffeeGeek Home Roast forums about this
setup.  I can give you a link if you like.
On 6/3/06, Dan Martin  wrote:

5) From: Dan Martin
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So your heat doesn't come from the SC; it comes from the oven blowing =
heat down?  Without mods, does it still roast a decent bath of coffee?
       Yes, I would love a link.

6) From: James House
Here's a great place to start:http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/homeroastYou can search for SC/TO links.  Here is one of mine, and on the first post
are several other links that should give you all the info you need for many
aspects of this roasting setup:http://www.coffeegeek.com/forums/coffee/homeroast/232705?LastView49368186&Page=1On 6/3/06, Dan Martin  wrote:

7) From: Dan Martin
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That is great!  So, the TO fits directly into the existing lid of the =
SC?  That is too easy.  My anxiety may get the best of me so I was =
wondering if the SC itself (heating element) would produce a roast.

8) From: Don Cummings
In order:
No, the SC lid is a dome that is not used in the SC/TO.  A fairly critical
upgrade for the whole machine is a spacer of some sort that will lift the TO
away from the SC bed.  The easiest (this is the one I use) is a springform
baking pan.  I popped the hinge on mine and as a result I have a one inch
gap that serves nicely as a chaff ejection chute.  I ran a bead of High Temp
Gasket along the top of the springform to stabilize the TO during roasts.
The SC alone is not suited for roasting.  I only speak of others' experience
since I never did try it myself.
As others have mentioned every possible question you can come up with has
been discussed in tremendous detail on sites and threads devoted to this
roasting method.  Coffee Geek has probably a week's worth of steady reading
on the subject.
On 6/3/06, Dan Martin  wrote:

9) From: Angelo
But the popcorn is pretty good :-)

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