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Topic: FW: +Hooray for Harvey! (6 msgs / 168 lines)
1) From: Howellite
I placed my first order with Harvey on Saturday (Panama Carmen Estates).
Paul Andres

2) From: Vince Doss
I had an order shipped confirmation email on Friday and it was delivered on
Oakland, CA - Chantilly, VA
  Distance: 2,817 mi
Color me "Impressed"

3) From: Mike Chester
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My last order was also shipped Friday and I received it on Monday, but I =
have had Priority Mail orders from Tom take over two weeks to arrive and =
had one from another company (not coffee related) take over a month.  =
The USPS does not guarantee 2-3 days for Priority Mail, they say they =
will TRY to deliver it in that time frame.  It is also not traceable.  =
Overall, I like the option and use it, but you should be aware of the =
pitfalls.  Another "problem" that I have found is that even though I may =
only plan to order 5-6 lb., I end up topping off my order to 12 to get =
my money's worth on the shipping.  This results in a swollen stash.
Mike Chester

4) From: Tom Ogren
Thanks for the sage advice. I pressed the C+ La Minita this morning (14 hrs
rest...just couldn't wait) and while a beautiful coffee, particularly in its
balance and "transparency" (I think I know what that term means now), I did
not find myself on the verge of weeping into the cup as I felt the first
time I tried the PNG Kimel (that one just surprised me so much...still
does!) La Minita gave me subdued hints of different flavors as the cup
cooled...faint milk chocolate, a hint of apple, then finally vanilla tones.
The balance was great, but I sense that you are absolutely correct (shocking
I know) that I may have overshot the mark with the C+. While I have yet to
do a City roast that I've liked in my Poppery2, I get the very real sense
that this La Minita will shine there (if I can find that sweet spot, as you
say). It'll be a welcome challenge. Tomorrow I'll be sipping FC+ Costa Rica
Dota Tarrazu El Conquistador (now that's a name) rested 36 hrs. Hoping for
"that chocolate nuance" reported by Brett a couple weeks back. We shall see!
~TO in VA
On 6/6/06, Mike Chester  wrote:

5) From: Scott Miller
Tom Ogren wrote:
My mom bought a pound of CR La Minita for me last month from a shop that 
roasts in store. She's not too knowledgeable about specialty coffee and 
this was suggested by the person at the store who was helping her select 
a coffee. It was described to her as the best coffee they had, so that 
was all she needed to sway her decision. The coffee was a FC+ roast and 
was a good coffee roasted to the extreme end of the spectrum where it 
would still be recognizable as a CR. I don't know if this was late 
season crop or not; it was good, but I'm thinking a lighter roast would 
have been better.
I see in Tom's notes from the CRLM that was sold from the Sept. '05 
arrival that he feels the later arrivals in the season can take a darker 
roast. However tomorrow morning I'm going to do a light roast. I have 
some CRLM from another source that is from last year's late crop, so I 
am going to have another bean to compare with the SM offering. If I get 
started early enough in the morning and have both brain cells firing, 
maybe I'll pull some beans at the C stage and keep some going to FC and 
have 2 roast levels of each bean to work with.
I'm also thinking that's a way to try some of the Harrar Lot 19 so I can 
do a melange blend. Always some fun things to try when I pay attention 
to this list and Tom's notes.

6) From: Tom Ogren
Notes on La Minita:
I've been preheating my Poppery2 to around 230F since it doesn't go much
higher without some bean mass...I still hit first crack at 2:30 (seems like
90% of my roasts..uncanny?) regardless of preheat/no preheat.
1st roast: C+ (I could almost feel the beans discussing who was going to hit
second crack first.) This coffee was delicious, balanced and elegant, with
the milk chocolate, apple, and vanilla, but they seemed slightly
understated. I say this not having had La Minita ever before. Tom Owen
mentioned he felt that drinking La Minita was like being on the verge of
discovering something new in the cup each time and that feeling seemed to
apply here, though the tastes were somewhat slight (muted?). Les suggested a
City roast of the La Minita and I am inclined to take good advice.
2nd roast to City: Dumped beans about 20 seconds past end of 1st crack (such
as I was able to determine the actual "end" of 1st crack.) Drank it this
morning and the cup seemed a bit "lean" and just a tad green for my tastes.
The flavors were not as pronounced as my previous roast, as if they had not
had time to develop in my popper. Am I right in suspecting that a City roast
in a drum or a conduction-style roasting setup might pull these flavors
sooner than fluid bed? Is it all about controlling the temp. while
approaching first, then levelling off after first for a while? I haven't the
equipment for this sort of control (yet).
Les told me that the sweet spot is tricky to find with a La Minita and I
believe him. I preferred my 1st roast to this one. I have to say the
Poppery2's tiny batch sizes are a nice way to sample numerous roast levels
from a smaller bag o' greens. If I find I'm not wild about a particular
roast, no biggie.
3rd roast to City (+?): I just roasted to 1:30 past end of 1st, dumping the
beans when my thermometer (Weber grill replacement thermometer...six bucks)
read 435F. I just hold the thermometer in the middle of the bean mass. I
keep my hand in a silicone pot holder lest I roast my fingers. I am excited
to taste the result tomorrow. Obviously something about that first roast
instilled an interest in the capabilities of this coffee bean. Maybe it's
partly the "hype surrounding/mythification of" La Minita (OK that's
definitely part of it) but methinks there really is something special in
these beans and I mean to find it for myself! Viva la homeroasting!
~TO in VA
On 6/7/06, Scott Miller  wrote:

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