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1) From: James House
I recently acquired a KMB.  Amazing coffee.  I don't own a drip machine,
this is as close as I will probably be to one.  Up until today I have only
had Harar in a French Press, AeroPress, and SwissGold pour over.  So I
brewed up a pot of Harar (Lot 19, 6 days past roast C+) in the KMB this
morning.  Very rich with hints of blueberry and milk chocolate.  Great job
So, any other beans out there that fair well in the KMB?

2) From: Vicki Smith
I really haven't found anything that didn't fare well in the KMB. I have 
had beans that tasted different from the KMB brew when I had them in a 
moka pot or French Press, not necessarily better--just different.
That being said, I am drinking a Guatemalan this morning, roasted City+, 
that is a delight. I bought it locally (well sorta, it involved a two 
hour drive), whilst waiting for my SM order to arrive. Harvey works 
miracles, but Canada Post takes its own sweet time.
Based on this lovely coffee, I would definitely give the Guat from SM a go.
James House wrote:

3) From: James House
Sounds great Vicki, I will put some of that on my next order!  Yes you are
right on target with my observations as well, the coffee isn't necessarily
better or worse, just different.  It is surprisingly good though, and it
appears ever so slightly the more I drink KMB the more I am tending to enjoy
it/get used to it.  I drank the entire pot of my Harar this morning.  :)
On 6/9/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:

4) From: Sandy Andina
Both the regular and decaf Guat. Huehue from SM are wonderful (and  
the latter is possibly the most dependably delicious decaf I've had  
the pleasure to drink).
On Jun 9, 2006, at 9:16 AM, Vicki Smith wrote:

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
I'll second the vote on the decaf Guat. Huehue.  Everyone that I roast
for, that drinks decaf, gave this one the thumbs up over samples of
all the others.
Mike (just plain)

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