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1) From: Les
For those missing the Harar Horse lot 30, the Yemen Mokha Sana'ani has
a hint of Blueberry!  I enjoyed a very fine pot of it this morning.
It has some very nice bitter chocolate hints as well.  I roasted it to
a City plus -  Vienna.  My wife couldn't detect the blueberry, but it
was there in my cup!  So, for you blueberry lovers, you may want to
give this one a try.  I went from a smooth comples Kona yesterday to
the multiple flavor in a cup from rustic tobacco to hints of apricot
and blueberry in the cup today with the Yemen.  It is amazing the
variation in taste let alone what different brewing methods do to
enhance different parts of a coffee's taste profile.  This sure is a
fun hobby!  Tomorrow I will be pulling shots of 40% Yemen Mokha
Sana'ani and 60% Panama 1800 meters.  It should be nice an smooth with
lots of character.

2) From: Peter Schmidt
Can you please clear this up for me; "I roasted it to a City plus -
Did you pull some of the roast part way through?  Is this some sort of
detect the blueberry, but it
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3) From: Les
No, I just eased into second crack in my drum roaster.  It is a
melange simply due to the nature of the bean.  I usually judge my
roast after I grind it as to it's roast darkness.  I don't have the
fancy color panels, but I do have a good feel for what the various
roast levels are from cinnamon to Vienna.
On 6/9/06, Peter Schmidt  wrote:

4) From: Scott Miller
Funny thing here. I have the Panama 1800+ and Yemen Sana'ani roasted on 
hand. A friend asked for a pound of MJ blend; she is just learning to 
appreciate fresh, home roasted coffee. I did not have enough of either 
of these beans to offer her a pound (and had another blend in mind for 
her anyways)... but I did wonder what the floral aromas were as I could 
not identify it precisely. The Sana'ani I have is from the February lot 
that Tom Owen scored a bit higher than the current offering. I really 
enjoy the winey & spicey flavors that predominate as the cup cools. I do 
need to try a darker roast with what I have left of this.
I have used other centrals with this for an MJ blend, but had not 
thought of the Carmen 1800+; it's on the agenda for tomorrow's first cup.
Now for Yemens, I would LOVE to see more of the Ismaili. That is some 
intense stuff!
Les wrote:

5) From: Les
Wow is the a great shot! (40% Yemen and 60% Panama 1800)  Intense
fruit followed by a nice chocolate aftertaste.  It is going from a
hint of lime to blueberry followed by apricot and plum and into
chocolate ending with a hint of tobacco in the aftertaste!  Yum Yum!
Going to pull another one!
On 6/9/06, Scott Miller  wrote:

6) From: Scott Miller
I was not going to have espresso this morning, but had a schedule change 
that gave me a bit more time. So, I had time and made one of the nicest 
espresso shots I have pulled in a month! Followed that with a 
traditional capp that was awesome, too. The extra day of flavor 
development was amazing and really made the cappucino a stand out 
drink... I'm going to consider adding more Yemen to my espresso blend.
Les wrote:

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